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23 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Having A Bath

by Rose Adams ,
23 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Having A Bath

If you need an excuse to cancel all plans to be social, we feel you. After all, you deserve it! So put your feet up, well, snake 'em around the taps and enjoy a soak with soapy bubbles and actual alcoholic bubbles with our list of all the thoughts us females have in the tub.

Is there anything better than a long, hot soak in the bath? Answers on a postcard please, cos if it exists then I haven't seen it yet. It's a time for indulgence, a time to r-e-l-a-x, the one time you are actually able to shut out the world and have some alone time with number one. And if you get bored, you can make a bubble beard too which is a bonus.

Here's the thoughts every gal has when they indulge in a soak.

1. *Dips toe in* Still too hot...

2. *Returns toe to water* now it's too cold.

3. Therrrrre you go.



4. *Leans back, shuts eyes, thrashes around violently until finally you manage to reach an upright state... DID I LOCK THE DOOR?*

5. I hope no one walks in.

6. I really need to shave my legs but who am I even shaving them for? Plus, if I shave, all that stubble hair is just gonna gather in places and then I'll have to get out. Me: 1, shaving: 0.

7. I deserve this time to sit and do nothing, I've worked hard for this. Well, I've worked for this.

8. Cheers to a glass of vino in in the bath with a cracking book. A book that I have every intention of reading but won't because a) wet pages are stressful and b) I just want to clear some valuable space in my mind to think about Idris Elba popping up from right underneath those glorious suds.

9. I really need to wash my hair, I wonder if I can get away with washing it in here? Probs not cos then there's always the whole hair in the butt situation and no one got time for THAT.

10. This is SO relaxing, I might just stay here forever until someone can make a bath bomb of me.



11. I really don't wanna go to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll just sit here and do some aqua kegel exercises instead. Oh, that's an interesting sensation.

12. Candles would really take this bath to a whole new level. I mean Jo Malone would be great but I'll settle for an out of season mulled wine and cinnamon aroma.

13. Would it make me basic if I go light some? *Cue the getting out of the bath military operation*

14. I wish I'd bought some food in with me. Mmm burger bath.

15. I wish it was the weekend so I could just stay here and jam.



16. I wonder if f**k boy has text me.

17. .... But I can't check. Because I'm in my zen zone. And f*ck boys don't enter zen zones.

18. I'm defo going to replace showers with baths from now on.

19. So... my bathroom really does need a clean huh?

20. Is that mould growing in the corner?

21. I should've really instagrammed this bath. But I don't have that amazing Lush rainbow bath bomb that everyone uses. And, I'd probably drop my phone in the bath so who's the real winner?



22. Ew, I don't feel clean, I feel dirty and prune like. I'm a dirty prune.

23. Better get out and take a nice shower

What thoughts do you have in the bath? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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