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This 'Squat Magic' Machine Looks Dodgy AF

by Lareese Craig ,
This 'Squat Magic' Machine Looks Dodgy AF

This may look like something straight out of the Eric Prydz Call On Me video, but this dodgy looking contraption is actually quite innocent. 'Squat Magic' is the low impact machine that promises to take your buns from saggy to sensational - if only you're willing to look like a pornstar in the process.

Imagine it. A group class, all sat on your weird dildo-like machines, bobbing about to dance music and pretending you're cool with it. Pitbull's probably your instructor and he's got this one rule that everyone has to wear crop tops and cycling shorts, but he's allowed to wear his sunglasses, because he's Pitbull.

Though it may look akin to a bicycle pump for your butt, apparently it's hella good for your buns and your joints.

'Squat Magic' makes getting toned buttocks easy for everyone thanks to its Squat Assistive Technology (S.A.T). It guides you on the way down and assists you on the way up - protecting your knees from unnecessary strain and potential injury.


For £69.99 you can perform 15+ variations and choose from three resistance levels to tailor your workout to your workout goals, age and fitness levels. ​

We're listening but we just can't stop our eyes from seeing Eric Prydz's Call On Me video mixed with Benny Benassi's vibrating power tool debacle - like, where were their safety hats? And why did they waste perfectly good coconut oil and bikinis on a DIY day? It's one of life's greatest mysteries.

We also can't stop thinking about what fresh hell we'd land ourselves in if we were to make one wrong move while aboard that thing. That really would be sore-cery.

If you're in it for the booty gains and the booty gains alone then maybe just pull up a pew on this thing at home, in a room where only Phil Mitchell can see you. You can buy yours here.

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Lareese Craig
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