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18 Reasons Why Short Girls Rule The World

by Carla Cain Walther ,
18 Reasons Why Short Girls Rule The World

Tall people are celebrated. They get higher-paying jobs, can walk the runways, are recruited to be airplane stewardesses, and are usually those elementary school bullies who pick on short people. Well, I'm over it. I'm 5'1 and proud of it because there are LOTS of advantages to being short. Here's why we short girls are actually THE BEST and should be treated like queens!

1. Our dating pool is bigger

If you're short and you're into tall men, well there's a high probability that anyone you're into is taller than you! Also men tend to go for shorter girls.

2. We live longer

That's right, scientific evidence supports the long suspected belief that shorter people have longer life spans!

3. We help save the Earth

Our impact on the environment is significantly smaller than tall people who need more resources like energy, water, and food to survive! That means tall people produce more waste than us and increase pollution rates!

4. Our clothing options are multiplied

It might be a conceptual hurdle at first but once you get over the fact that your womanly body can fit into a dress made for preteens, your wardrobe will double! Plus kids clothes generally cost less than adults. Cha-ching!

5. We have much better balance

Since we have a lower center of gravity, our balance is just generally better than tall people.

6. Our reaction time is faster

Tall people are delayed. The speed of their nerve transmission lags behind shorter people by less than a second so that means short people react to things faster.

7. We're cheap drunks

2 drinks and we're already feelin' loose, AND we don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of cash on booze.

8. We can get picked up

Ok, honestly it's seriously annoying when some huge, burly guy picks us up without permission but it is comforting to know that someone could swing us over their shoulder if the Zombie Apocalpyse actually comes to pass.

9. We're more agile

We can rotate our bodies better and with more grace than taller people.

10. We can get to the front of any concert

Try being 6'1 and politely weaving through a crowd of Katy Perry fanatics. Nope, it can't be done. However, at 5'1 I'm totally able to see Perry's lipsyncing front close and center. You might suffer an elbow to the face on your journey though!

11. Our cancer risk is smaller

The research is hotly debated but it's been recently theorized and tested that the taller you are the more likely you are to get common cancers.

12. We don't suffer as many bad injuries

Tall people typically have a larger body mass index than us shorties so the impact when they fall or hit something is greater. Unfortunately for them, that means they're more likely to be seriously injured in auto accidents or even tripping down the stairs. Watch your step, Talls!

13. We're fun-sized in the bedroom

Being tall can be a disadvantage in the bedroom. Some positions just simply won't work but having a short stature means you can try every amazing position that's humanly possible!

14. We can wear all the heels

We can add six inches onto our height without towering over everyone in the room!

15. We can fit ourselves into smaller spaces

We were Hide & Go Seek champs as kids!!! (And suffered the subsequent trauma when no one found us for hours).

16. We're more comfortable

Planes, the movie theater, the dreaded Greyhound bus. Since our legs don't extend as far we aren't constantly worried about being too cramped.

17. We are more ambitious

That's right, shorties have a chip on their shoulders. We're obsessed with proving our worth in a world that privileges the tall, so we work our asses off at school and at work. It's called the Tinkerbell Syndrome and I've been suffering from it for 25 years.


Who says you have to be 5'11 to get everyone talkin'? When you're the smallest woman in the room, you will turn heads. Take advantage of all that extra attention by being a confident, smart lady.

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Carla Cain Walther
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