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22 Genius Ways to Style Your Desk Space: Home Office Decorating Ideas

by Cliche Wynter ,
22 Genius Ways to Style Your Desk Space: Home Office Decorating Ideas

Do you get excited the moment you see an ad for Homebase or walk past a Habitat? While daydreaming about redecorating my home, I figured I'd start small. That meant it was time to spruce up my home office desk space! It's where I spend the most time after all. If you're like me and need just a little inspiration to kick things off, check out these 22 genius decorating ideas to transform that dull home office of yours. It's time to get creative!

A beautiful workspace is key to a beautiful day's work right? So before you even turn on your computer, why not spend some time perfecting your home office with some of these inspired decoration ideas?

1. Silver Lining

I love shiny things so naturally I adore this silver desk. As much as I'd like to tap away on a typewriter, it just ain't going to happen these days. Still, even with a laptop in its place, this workspace screams old school chic.

2. Got the Blues

I love, love, LOVE the blue top desk and chandelier. It's the perfect way to add intrigue with a touch of elegance.

3. The Grey Area

The polka dot chair gives this office just the right drop of fun. I'm a fan of the clean and muted colors otherwise.

4. Storage Matters

If you live in a tiny NYC apartment (spoiler alert: they're ALL small), you get the importance of space conservation AKA the necessity of storage. This setup allows you to have a home office and keep your private items out of sight.

5. Art Deco Delight

How beautiful is this art deco rug? I think it truly elevates the room without being too overpowering.

6. Visuals Make All the Difference

Inspiration upon inspiration. Keep all the things that get your creativity going within reach and eyeshot.

7. Reap What You Sew

No, seriously, how cute is this sewing station?

8. Light Bright

The amount of light that's entering this room is utterly refreshing. There's no need to make much fuss.

9. Black and White Chic

Sometimes a multitude of colors can be too distracting. Keep it cute with black and white.

10. Minimal Matters

Oh, just another sewing workspace that's making me think I should begin making my own clothes. Thanks, a lot!

11. Pop of Color

And there it is, like a bolt of sunshine.

12. Wood You?

Keep it classic with wood elements, but modern with two monitors. The more the merrier, right?

13. Pretty Pinks

This is also inspired by Kate Spade, which is a fave of mine. So naturally I'm now taking notes.

14. Organized Chaos

There's a lot going on here yet it's all so organized. I find myself gravitating towards this very contemporary design.

15. Get the Picture?

A gal can't ever have too many framed images, can she?

16. A Room Full of Inspo

This desk space is more like a full room experience. Its beauty knows no bounds!

17. You Can Never Be Organized Enough

Gotta love the extra storage!

18. With A Little Direction

Only have a tiny corner in the room to work? Make a big statement with bold art decor.

19. The Writing's On The Wall

Chalkboards are great visually and totally functional when it comes to jotting down random thoughts.

20. Clear it Out

A clear seat is just that little bit of oomph you need when finishing up the decor in your office.

21. Space for Everyone

Yes, there's even room for the children to do their homework!

22. Deep Hue Glory

If you're more into deep hues, take style cues from this perfectly purple desk space.

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