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24 Things Every Girl Does In Autumn.

by Helen Turnbull ,
24 Things Every Girl Does In Autumn.© Weheartit

Cancel that gym membership and throw out those 'lean in 15' cookbooks - the time has come to abort mission: summer body (that you never really started). It's September which means Autumn is upon us, bringing with it the welcome excuse to favour carbs over cardio and over Instagrammed red cups. Here's a rundown of what every girl is guilty of doing (whether you admit to it or not) during #fall.

1. Enthusiastically declaring 'I'm so ready for knitwear season'

Only for the novelty of wearing oversized jumpers to be compromised by the sub-zero twice-daily walk to the bus stop.



2. Forever replacing umbrellas left on public transport

3. But somehow never having one when you need it, always when you don't

Sadly, you look more soggy crisp than Selena Gomez.



4. The impossible task of whittling your 10-plus coat wishlist down to two

5. Deciding on two priceier-than-you-bugeted-for 'classic styles' that you're convinced you’ll wear next autumn, only for you to declare said items "so last year" come 2017



6. Desperately resisting the urge to write basic-bitch ‘first pumpkin-spiced latte of the season’ Instagram captions

its that time of year agaiiiiin AAAAH 😫 #pumpkinspicelatte #starbucks

A photo posted by eloise daisie (@catpuddings) on Sep 6, 2016 at 8:46am PDT

7. Spending 50% of the time you're awake thinking about all things Halloween

8. Only for your fancy dress costume to be a last-minute bin-bag-over-the-head job

9. Convincing yourself it’s far too cold to walk the two minutes down the road to the gym



10. But you’re willing to brave the Arctic conditions for the chocolate run

11. Convincing yourself you deserve to eat carbs like they’re going out of supply

Humans need insulation, too.



12. Enforcing a strict ban on Christmas chat until 1st December

13. Only for it to become your one topic of conversation from then on

Ten heads are better than one when it comes to buying your dad's gift, right?

14. Justifying spending your Christmas-present budget on new dresses

What's party season without a new party dress for each party?



15. Privately celebrating not having to shave from your eyebrows down every time you step in the shower



16. Realising every single pair of tights you own is riddled with holes or just plain bobbly

You'd rather gouge your own eyes out than face the essential trip to Primark at high season.

17. Getting irrationally excited about reuniting with the winter wardrobe you’ve forgotten about

Oh hey, 'I only do mornings on 25th December' jumper.

18. Only for you to hate everything, forcing your hand to asos.com

*Adds 10 very similar jumpers to basket*

19. Sounding like a broken record about the fact the changing seasons are wrecking havoc with your otherwise flawless skin

20. Becoming the hermit you've always dreamed of being

Refusing to leave the house unless it's 100% necessary and even then, only if it's not cold which it will be.



21. Breaking your promise not to post 'obligatory' #autumn cliche pictures on Instagram

22. Lamenting every person with a birthday in November and December

I'm not made of money.

23. Getting Irrationally excited about buying a whole new autumn/winter wardrobe only for you to throw five old jumpers over everything

'Cos comfort > style.

24. Embracing you 'fuller figure'... until January

When you'll declare you're on a detox that'll last a week if you're lucky.

How many of the above are you guilty? 'Fess up @soFeminineUK

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