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8 Cosy Coats You'll Be Crushin' Over This Winter

by Pascale Day ,
8 Cosy Coats You'll Be Crushin' Over This Winter© We Heart It

There's only one thing we can get on board with when the weather turns chilly, and that's the thought of a brand new winter wardrobe. I mean yeah, we might not be getting our daily dose of pure vitamin D anymore, but damn the slouchy knitwear and coats makes the rain all worth it. From sophisticated capes to pastel curveballs, here's our fave coats that we're pining after this winter.

  1. · Pretty Pastels
  2. · The Duster
  3. · Military Madness
  4. · Stay Puffed
  5. · Can-do Capes
  6. · Rainy Day Macs
  7. · Borrowed From The Boy
  8. · Pleasing Patchworks

Here we are folks: September. Teetering on the edge of the big, ominous, dark hole that is winter, hanging on to the green grass of summer with our pastel-painted nails. But there's only one bit of respite in knowing that the cold weather has arrived - and no, it's not halloween. All this rain and the crispy leaves that litter the ground are an indication that it's finally time to start Operation Winter Wardrobe 2016. And where better to start that with the one thing you'll need the most: a coat.

Fashion often comes full circle, and this year is no exception when it comes to style deja vu (we see you, mom jeans). But each time they come around, they're bigger, better, sexier and, er, puffier than ever. Check out below which coats have made our wish list this year.

Pretty Pastels

As seen on the catwalk: J crew, Michael Kors

See, summer may be behind us, but that doesn't mean we need to ditch the soft shades associated with it. Newsflash: cloudy colours are out, baby blues and pinks are in. (Only joking, my monochrome gals - we all know grey will never go out of fashion.)

The Duster

As seen on the catwalk: Clavin Klein, Balmain

Although last seen on all movie villains in the 80s, the duster is having its moment in the fashion limelight. These coats usually cut off just below the knee but, if you're feeling brave enough, some of the most gorgeous ones reach right to the floor. Just make sure to lift it in rainy conditions, yeah?

Military Madness

As seen on the catwalk: Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci

Attention! It may not feel that long ago since we saw military jackets in style, but they're wearability means they come back around quicker than you'd think. And we're not complaining! The fitted style and muted greens and greys means that you look simultaneously smart and a little bit grunge. The best of both worlds, right?

Stay Puffed

As seen on the catwalk: Balenciaga

All hail the puffa! We haven't seen these since Mel B claimed them for her own in the 90s, but man are we happy to see them back. And the great thing is, despite their puffy nature, a 2016 makeover has made them look sleeker than ever. Less Marshmallow Man, more Quilted Queen.

Can-do Capes

As seen on the catwalk: Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh

The best thing about a cape - apart from the fact that they make us feel oh-so regal - is that they go with everything. Literally everything. You wanna take those new thigh-high boots for a walk? Match it with your cape. You wanna give your wide-brimmed winter hat its first seasonal outing? Match it with your cape. Heading to the Christmas party in your new sparkly mini dress. Take. Your damn. Cape. Seriously, there's nothing this bad boy doesn't go with.

Rainy Day Macs

Whilst you might not have seen them on the catwalk, you will see an abundance of them in shops this winter. Oh yes, rain macs are made for us British folk. Whether you go for a classic fisherman's yellow, or change it up with a delicate pink, if you decide to invest in a mac - and you definitely should - you'll be praying for rain 24/7.

Borrowed From The Boy

As seen on the catwalk: Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs

When the winters get as bitter as they do here in sunny England, if there's one thing you want from your coat it's room for all those layers you'll be smothering your body in. Enter: the oversized coat. Warm, snuggly, and roomy. What more could you want?

Pleasing Patchworks

As seen on the catwalk: Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch

Take sophisticated sections of fabric and attach them to other stylish sections of fabric and what do you get? A super stylish patchwork coat, of course. Go for a colour themed one or if you're feeling confident, go whacky with your patchwork. Either way, you're going to look awesome.

What's your favourite coat? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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