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These Women Know How To Style Dungarees To Perfection

by Tolani Shoneye Published on 22 May 2015
These Women Know How To Style Dungarees To Perfection

Dungarees are in vogue, and no it's not the 90s. Overalls are this summer's IT look, and they're even bigger and better this time round. Now instead of resembling the long lost member of the Brady Bunch, 2015's dungarees have the power to make any basic outfit look effortlessly chic. From classic denim to leather dungarees and cute pinafores, there's an option for every taste. Just incase you're not sold on the trend, here's 30 ladies that show us how to wear it perfectly.

Nineties fashion fans rejoice, the dungarees trend is back in full force, and it's ok to wear them even if you're not pregnant. Brilliant news!

30 Ways To Style Your Dungarees © We Heart It @madalenaddovale

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Tolani Shoneye
Tolani Shoneye
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