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Vagina Fashion Is Set To Be The Biggest Trend Of 2018, According To One NYFW Designer

by Helen Turnbull ,
Vagina Fashion Is Set To Be The Biggest Trend Of 2018, According To One NYFW Designer

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve or sassy sayings on your Ts because 2018 fashion is about making a bolder statement than ever before. No longer will female-positive phrases suffice to express your girl power come the dawn of January as it's vagina-emblazoned clothes and accessories that will come out trumps, according to one New York Fashion Week designer.

Spring 2018 fashion month is in full swing with New York's Fashion Week roster kicking off proceedings in the only way it knows how - by shocking the global audience with the audacity of its designers.

The stand-out star of the current running is the relatively unknown Berlin brand, Namilia. They sent scantily-clad models down the runway, dressed in a variety of cut-out designs (including chaps), emblazoned with printed and 3D vaginas, as you do. It forms their My Pussy My Choice Spring/Summer 2018 collection in the ultimate show of feminism.

The brand's designers fashioned fake vulvas out of different shades of silk and pearls - to represent the clitoris - and realised them as decorative patches, shoe accessories, whole arms and bigger patchwork pieces in the most NSFW fashion trend to emerge from Spring/Summer 2018 so far.

The Berlin-based label has received mixed reviews for its latest offering, with fashion website WWD suggesting: "Snap-worthy? Sure. But it seemed better suited for a conceptualized student show than one from a brand trying to sell product." Fashion fans also commented on the explicit show on social media with one Twitter user writing: "So...I'm watching this Namilia show and I'm confused ?? Like whats the project ??"

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Vagina fashion
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Are you open to vagina fashion? Let us know your thoughts on this NSFW trend @soFeminineUK

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