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Banana Pancakes? Watching Old Films? 20 Things To Do On A Lazy Sunday

by Vivian KELLY ,
Banana Pancakes? Watching Old Films? 20 Things To Do On A Lazy Sunday© Tumblr

We love days like these; feet up, hair down and not a care in the world. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make the biggest difference to our happiness. Ladies, if you truly want a day of rest, make it a lazy Sunday. Here are 20 simple yet awe-inspiring things to do on a VERY lazy Sunday...

1. Buy some flowers

Go to the local market and pick up a pretty bunch of tulips. There’s something so beautiful and uplifting when you have a bouquet of fresh florals in the house. Don’t you think?

2. Wear no make-up

Nothing feels better than a naked face. Who needs all that gunk anyways? Hey, it’s called lazy Sunday for a reason - zero effort required.

3. Bake chocolate chip cookies

Soft, gooey, warm-baked cookies. Definitely our favourite pastime.

4. Lay around all day

Make a date with your duvet.

5. Make banana pancakes…

...for breakfast. A cup of freshly brewed coffee and a plate of fluffy pancakes? That’s how to spring someone out of bed.

6. Watch old films

Dirty Dancing, Now and Then and pretty much every Julia Roberts movie out there. Timeless fun.

7. Wear something snug

Forget tight tailored blazers and rigid black trousers. Today is your day to wear WHATEVER the hell you want. We’re going for the BF's shirt.

8. Do some laundry

We know what you’re thinking. Chores - on a Sunday? Hear us out. You know as well as we do that there's nothing more satisfying that clean crisp laundry. The smell is gorgeous and the effort? Minimal.

9. Drink wine and be happy

If you’re up for it, drop by the local pub and enjoy a few drinks. Otherwise, stay in and crack open a bottle of chilled wine with a friend. Even better, go all out and make summery homemade cocktails! Yum.

10. Read

Now’s the time to catch up on some fantasies. Get lost in a story or catch up on world affairs.

11. Catch up on slumber

Most of us don’t get the recommended quota of sleep (8 hours per night). In fact, we’re lucky if we do, right? On Sundays you can turn off that alarm, sleep in, have a nap, go to bed early - anything - there are NO rules on your day off.

12. Pamper yourself

Day to day stress can wreck havoc with our beauty regimes. Revitalise your body and treat yourself to some major TLC. You deserve it!

13. Get some music therapy

Tune in to your favourite station, crank up the music and daydream for as long as you want. There’s nothing as de-stressing as setting your mind free.

14. Learn a new recipe

Today’s the perfect day to learn a new recipe via Sunday morning cooking shows, of course. Girl, put your chef hat on and get whisking!

15. Go online shopping

Hey, a little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Besides this means NO long queues, whining men or those panicked hoards. Fab-u-lous.

16. A roast dinner

If you're going to go anywhere on your lazy Sunday, make it the pub that does the best roast dinners for miles around. Definitely worth getting dressed for.

17. Have a sexy session

Whether you're with someone or alone, nothing beats a sexy love-in on a lazy Sunday morning.

18. Organise your computer

Get your laptop to hand and clear that desktop. Takes a few clicks, but will feel like you've accomplished something with your day.

19. Call an old friend

Get snug on the sofa, pour yourself a glass of vino and facetime your special BFF that lives miles away. Best use of time ever.

20. Do a Netflix marathon

Always wondered what the fuss was with Breaking Bad/Mad Men/Girls? Time to do some serious catching up and what better time to binge than on a lovely lazy Sunday?

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Vivian KELLY
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