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Embarrassing Social Media Posts: Why Dads Should NEVER Be Allowed On Facebook!

by Stephanie Ashley Published on 9 June 2014
Embarrassing Social Media Posts: Why Dads Should NEVER Be Allowed On Facebook!© Disney Channel

It is a parent's ultimate goal in life to love, teach, nurture and embarrass the crap out of their children. So what happens when fathers discover how to use Facebook and stalk their children's news feeds? Here's just a glimpse at some of the most awkward, weird, and embarrassing social media posts from dads - just in time for Father's Day!

Perhaps this dad is trying to tell his kids something?

This dad obviously doesn't understand the difference between a public news feed and a personal message!

Thanks for setting the record straight, Dad! This son will never leave himself logged in again...

This is one way to discipline your kids!

This dad is probably the best wingman EVER! Maybe having him on FB isn't such a bad thing...


Whoa, TMI, Dad! One of many things no kid wants to know about their dad.

Ouch, this dad has the whole burn thing down to an art!

There is a major difference between being daddy's little girl and...THIS

We have to agree with the last guy here - this dad may have just taken the gold!

Any other embarrassing daddy social media posts you'd like to share? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Stephanie Ashley
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