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Hate Sexism? Why Are You Making These Mistakes?

by Ursula Dewey ,
Hate Sexism? Why Are You Making These Mistakes?© YouTube

Ever commented on what a "pretty little girl" your friend has or have you ever told your boyfriend to just "grow a pair?" Yeah, we're guilty of it too. But there's a good reason why we should rethink how we talk to girls and boys, AND men and women. A provocative new film from The Representation Project asks us to rewrite the story and open ourselves up to a future free of gender limiting narratives.

Girls will be girls and boys will be boys right? Wrong. In fact we all play a part in how gender stereotypes are perceived and perpetuated. The Representation Project asks us to challenge the way we think about what makes men and women different with their latest campaign video - Rewrite The Story.

If we dared to approach girls and boys differently the results could potentially change the world. Watch the video here:


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Ursula Dewey
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