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Is This The Most Misogynist Brand In The World Right Now?

by Ursula Dewey ,
Is This The Most Misogynist Brand In The World Right Now?© Suit Supply

SuitSupply, a Dutch menswear brand is facing a pretty fierce backlash to their uncensored website which basically transforms from shopping site to soft porn site in the click of a button. Known for being edgy and apparently 'pioneers at what they do' the brand has come up with the never-been-done strategy of surrounding men with naked women to sell their stuff. Yawn. *Snarl.

Their summer campaign shots have to be the most distasteful, objectifying and misogynist ads we've seen since the 50s. Their campaign essentially took Robert Thicke's (clue is in the name) idea for his Blurred Lines video and have turned their site into the shopping equivalent.

When you visit their site first you see a man at a beach/pool party (wearing a suit - who does that?!) surrounded by hoards of women in matching bikinis. Then you have the ultimate choice as a consumer. Click the button to see the uncensored version.

Warning: Photos NSFW

Not only is this patronising and embarrassing for men who might just want to, say, buy a suit, without being attacked by bare breasted masses, it's also deeply objectifying and sexist in its treatment of women, who are basically there, let's face it, to sell the clothes. Because without putting a few nipples nearby, Suit Supply might actually have to think of an original way of marketing.

Despite recycling the 'put some hot naked chicks' philosophy of advertising, their site claims that their "pioneering spirit generates a contagious energy, which is what enables us to keep putting new ideas into practice."

We're not seeing anything new here Suit Supply. Just patriarchy doing its thing. Again.

Their previous campaigns have been just as shocking with a rapey, pervy, sexually aggressive flavour to all of them. We're not sure why Suit Supply think it's cool to be associated with these values. Any ideas?

​We're ready for THESE kind of adverts to stop and disappear from planet earth.

Seriously? © Suit Supply
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Ursula Dewey
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