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Why You Need An iPhone 6: 20 Reasons We're Addicted To The iPhone

by Vivian KELLY ,
Why You Need An iPhone 6: 20 Reasons We're Addicted To The iPhone© Google Images

The world goes mad with every iPhone launch but the iPhone 6? Well it's bigger and better than EVER. For starters it's not just the one phone - Apple are launching TWO new phones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Here's just a few reasons we're getting ready to camp out. Trust us girls, you'll be craving one of these more than a Mulberry Delevingne.

1. It has rounded edges!

Like our fave manicure shapes, the edges of the iPhone are always changing and rounded tips are IN.

2. It's slimmer than ever

Which means it's easier to slip into your clutch.

3. The screen is 4.7inches

Bigger is better, admit it girls. Less squinting, more swiping. We're down with that.

4. It takes photos that are truer to life than ever

Life is beautiful and now you can take beautiful pictures that do it justice. There are 38 per cent more pixels on the iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 5. Just imagine the selfie perfection.

5. It has more storage than ever before

With the choice between 16GB, 64GB and 128GB versions taking a ridiculous amount of photos and sending mammoth texts need not be a worry anymore.

6. The iPhone 6 can tell when you're cycling, running and even climbing (calculating pressure, distance and elevation).

Basically, it's smarter than us.

7. You might actually get network in Westfield.

The new iPhone has WIFI that is apparently THREE times faster than iPhone 5's.

8.Interactive notifications

Now you won't need to exit Candy Crush to reply to your friends! Just pull down from a notification and reply, then and there. We like it.

9. The battery life is boosted

Which means fewer moments when we get caught short, aka are left completely LOST without our iPhones.

10. You can dress them up in the cutest covers

The iPhone 6 is launching with a range of silicone and leather covers but the rest will follow shortly. Prepare for phone cover shopping to replace shoe shopping, fast.

11. The call quality is better than ever

Now with faster 4G LTE of up to 150 mbps you can make sure to avoid all those awkward cracking calls. Thank god.

12. It can find smiles

The camera on the iPhone 6 can not only detect faces, it can also find smiles for burst shots.

13. And if you're disloyal to the brand? You. Will. Regret. It.

We're telling you, don't do it.

14. You can talk to your iPhone 6, whenever, where ever.

You need never feel alone again.

15. The camera has a slo mo mode...

The possibilities for Vine fun are endless.

16. The new iPhone 6 has 'Apple Pay', which means you can make a payment with just ONE tap.

Take that Samsung fanboys!

17. It's drunk proof

iPhone 6's new iSight technology and optical image stabilisation means embarrassing drunk photos will finally be focused and captured no matter how many glasses of wine you downed. All it needs now is this...

18. It's reliable

With Wi-Fi calling built in your iPhone phone will know when to switch between 4G and Wi-Fi as and when you need to saving you battery life and improving call quality. Your Wi-Fi knows best...

19. It comes in colours that go with EVERYTHING

Gold, Silver and Space Gray? We want one of each!

20. It beats every smartphone ever made. Period.

Samsung - you may as well go back to making fridges now. Steve Jobs, THANK YOU.

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Vivian KELLY
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