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Girls rule: Women have more fun with the girls

by the editorial team ,
Girls rule: Women have more fun with the girls

Girls night out or sofa snuggling with your man? Be honest. We know which one we'd have more fun doing this Saturday night - and we're not alone!

Girls rule: Women have more fun with the girls

A new survey by cupcake company Green's, has asked women aged between 18 and 65 to confess who they had more fun with, and they've discovered that one in three women think a night out with the girls beats a night in with the man.

And fifteen percent of women also secretly prefer hanging out with their girlfriends rather than their other half.

While a night out with your girlfriends won't satisfy you between the sheets, you'll no doubt laugh heaps more than if you'd been hanging out with your man.

A quarter of the women polled said they thought their friends were funnier than their partner, with 35 per cent stating they laughed more with their girlfriends than with their other half.

One in two women (54 percent) admitted their friends made them feel more secure in themselves than their partner. And after seeing friends, nearly three quarters of women agreed that they felt more relaxed (72 per cent) and 75 per cent said that they felt happier and uplifted.

Way to go girlfriends - proving that we don't need a man to have a good time.

Brand Manager at Green’s Emma Calder comments, “It is interesting to see just how much women value friendship - and how closely intertwined their lives have become.
"Whether baking with friends or enjoying time with one another, Green’s cupcakes are the ultimate treat for a gossip with the girls.”

To celebrate the bonds of friendship Green’s are offering a group of four friends a year’s worth of girl time activities. All women need to do is log onto www.greenscakes.co.uk for their chance to win a different best friend bonding experience every month for a year - including a spa treatments, afternoon tea, shopping vouchers and a year’s supply of Green’s new cupcake range.

Sounds pretty good to us.

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