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The Belline oracle

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The Belline oracle

Ever since the beginning of the 19th century, divination games such as oracles have been popular. The Belline oracle was created in 1845. It's an extraordinary game that gives accurate clairvoyance on simple themes.

The creator, Edmond Belline, used to tell his querents that as well as providing knowledge, his oracle improved self-confidence. Belline used familiar symbols (the owl, boat, moon, sun, star, chest and key) that each evoke memories and intuitive thoughts. Belline was the king of intuition. He said you should always listen to yourself and listen to other people, but always listen to your heart, never force yourself to do something you don’t want to, always see things though to the end.

An oracle, not a game
Belline said that each drawing of the cards was an oracle, a reading everyone gives about a part of their life using the cards they draw. So anyone can become their own oracle or someone else’s oracle, relying purely on the querent’s own interpretations. The more disinterested someone is and the more concerned they are about doing the right thing and helping the other person, the more correctly the oracle will respond.

The Belline oracle is made up of 52 cards. 49 of them are governed by the 7 planets. There are 3 cards known as the first cards, and there’s also a 'card of exception' that isn’t counted in the game.

The card of exception
Also known as the blue card. This card is unique, not being influenced by any of the planets, and has no name. It’s the most advantageous and positive card.

The first 3

1- Destiny

Description: a gold key
The key is a symbol of knowledge which allows the person who possesses it to open or close a door, to let other people into the room, to close them in, or to free them.
The Destiny card brings luck and success in all areas. He who draws this card must realise that it is an omen of good luck which they should make the most of by using the key appropriately. Luck comes to those who look after it.

2- The Man’s star

Description: An Egyptian-style man’s head (maybe a pharaoh) with a star over his head, formed from two intersecting triangles. This is the Seal of Solomon, a fusion of opposites. The Seal of Solomon expresses the happy medium, connecting the terrestrial, celestial, material and spiritual world.
If a man is doing the reading, the card represents him. If a woman is doing the reading, the card will speak of a man in her life, such as her husband or maybe a new man in her life.

3- The Woman’s star

Description: An Egyptian-style woman’s head with a star overhead, each branch of which is divided into two parts. The whole star is inscribed inside a dotted circle; it’s like a flower that’s opening, a lunar symbol of immense spiritual influence.
If a woman is doing the reading, the card represents her. If a man is doing the reading, this card will speak of a woman in his life, such as his wife, a friend or mistress.

First light: the Sun

Second light: the Moon

Third light: Mercury

Cards governed by the Sun

Cards governed by the Moon

Cards influenced by Mercury

4- Nativity

11- Betrayal

18- Change

5- Success

12- Departure

19- Money

6- Elevation

13- Inconsistence

20- Intelligence

7- Honours

14- Discovery

21- Theft/loss

8- Thought/friendship

15- Water

22- Undertaking

9- Countryside/health

16- Home

23- Trading

10- Gifts

17- Disease

24- News

Fourth light: Venus

Fifth light: Mars

Sixth light: Jupiter

Seventh light: Saturn

Cards influenced by Venus

Cards influenced by Mars

Cards influenced by Jupiter

Cards influenced by Saturn

25- Pleasure

32- Wickedness

39- Support

46- Misfortune

26- Peace

33- Proceedings

40- Beauty

47- Sterility

27- Union

34- Despotism

41- Inheritance

48- Fate

28- Family

35- Enemies

42- Wisdom

49- Gracefulness

29- Love

36- Negotiations

43- Fame

50- Ruin

30- The Table

37- Fire

44- Chance

51- Delay

31- Passions

38 - Accident

45- Happiness

52- Cloister

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