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Your Yearly Horoscopes 2017: Gemini

by Lareese Craig ,
Your Yearly Horoscopes 2017: Gemini

What's in store for Gemini this year?

This is the year for you to re-discover a long-lost gem and even to reinvent how you use your talents. Collaboration promises big money, but it takes courage to get to the crux of this in January. Your assets could multiply overnight, but this may be a case of ‘easy come easy go’. Now and next autumn family members offer up some hard-line views… so don’t dismiss this too lightly. Bolts from the blue in March and May show money-spinning potential, but progress may depend on you breaking the mould. Whatever happens, you’ll be in the hot seat, and this summer you must banish secret fears. In November you will be impressive, setting the pace at work and at home despite the tension it sometimes causes. December is a bonus month, and you’ll be ready for it.

Your Money

You talk your way into all kinds of amazing deals and bargains; you understand that money is an energy to be exchanged. You run up bills on comms, apps and celebrity gossip via various means. But you aren’t especially attached to ‘things’. 2017’s partnership changes fortunes profoundly.

Your Style

You have an eye for the ultra-trendy, especially if it’s versatile. Multi-purpose outfits suit the variety of occasions that could arise in an average day for you. You can wear kaleidoscopic colours, bold accessories, slinky separates and anything that’s easy to slip in and out of.

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