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Your Yearly Horoscopes 2017: Leo

by Lareese Craig ,
Your Yearly Horoscopes 2017: Leo

What's in store for Leo this year?

This year’s makeover is by no means just skin-deep. From January you’ll revamp your daily routines with fabulous results. It’s time to commit to gym membership and/or a healthier diet. But transformations are happening at a deeper level too. Your horizons expand at work and being super-woman in February earns kudos – just don’t overdo it. Unintended harsh words mustn’t discourage you either. Early in the year and then next autumn some sterling advice impacts on your money and how you earn it. High energy in May and June gives you a clear head start. Late summer rekindles earlier ventures and you’ll see where you went wrong before. By November radical changes make work fun and inspired cash decisions will prove to be a breakthrough for shared goals too.

Your Money

No expense is spared on indulgence, glamour and fun. However, this year you’ll speculate on what makes you tick more deeply. Money can’t buy love, but investing effort and cash in meaningful causes boosts your popularity, and a genuine bonus cannot be ignored.

Your Style

Stealing the show means being decked out in the hottest and most eye-catching designer apparel. You also like to make a splash in vivid orange or gold. You can wear big jewellery in every sense, glam-rock hair, colourful prints, and show-stopping party frocks.

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