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Your Yearly Horoscopes 2017: Libra

by Lareese Craig ,
Your Yearly Horoscopes 2017: Libra

What's in Libra store for this year?

Colourful opportunities will reshape your direction, so have no fear when it comes to bold and self-determined moves. 2017’s big victory is transforming darker issues into brilliant success. Home improvements or relocation plans will affect work decisions too. In January you’ll conquer any old anxieties about putting your neck on the line. Place your trust in someone’s unusual behaviour and you’ll solve tricky work issues too. Your campaign for success will start taking off in March. Digging into your family history and raising security issues is complex yet also therapeutic. Next autumn some past experiences will inform your future. Travel leads to feeling strangely at home on foreign ground, and you’ll be on a steep learning curve. In October diplomacy proves to be gold dust when someone is prone to misinterpreting the facts…

Your Money

When to save? What to buy? Choices, choices, decisions, decisions... You waver but final choices will nearly always be the ultimate in good taste. Shopping with partners is easier, as it takes the heat off you making your mind up. This applies to joint investments too… yet this year’s windfall means taking the plunge alone.

Your Style

You have exquisite taste and more than your share of creative flair; whether wearing labels or cleverly chosen bargain pieces, you exude an incomparable personal chic. You can wear structured suits or dresses, floral frocks and haute couture; plus elegant court shoes are a staple.

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