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Using hair straighteners

Home / Beauty / Hair / Using hair straighteners

Hair straighteners are the quickest way to smooth, straight locks. Use them wisely, and not excessively: here's a user guide. Straighteners Straighteners come in all shapes, sizes...



Home / Beauty / Hair / Fringes

The fringe has evolved but never gone out of fashion, and changing your fringe gives an instant update. Here's our guide to the different types of fringes and how to cut your own...


Hair loss

Home / Beauty / Hair / Hair loss

Hair loss is caused by several factors and can be temporary or serious depending on the case. Here's our guide to dealing with it. Our hair renews itself constantly throughout...


Going grey: what to do?

Home / Beauty / Hair / Going grey: what to do?

Our hair changes over time, and whether you're blonde, brunette or ginger, your hair will fade to grey and even turn to white eventually. It's totally natural, but going grey...


UV rays: how do they work?

Home / Beauty / Skin care / UV rays: how do they work?

The sun is a drug for many but overexposure is very dangerous. Before you buy your sun block, find out how UV and IR rays work... Sunlight The solar spectrum is made up of electro...


Tips for white teeth

Home / Beauty / Beauty tips / Tips for white teeth

Tobacco, coffee and wine all stain teeth, and yellow gnashers are pretty unsightly. Here are our tips for a sparkly white smile. Why do we get yellow teeth?Enamel is a mineral...


Travel-sized toiletries set

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Travel-sized toiletries set

This cute set features the earthy and sensual fragrance of Champaca, a feminine floral scent sprinkled with cardamom, vanilla musk and amber crystals. The collection contains...


Bobbi Brown's Party Collection

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Bobbi Brown's Party Collection

Bobbi Brown knows how to get a girl ready for the party season! Her new limited edition shades of Metallic Eye Shadow and Glitter Lip Gloss will add glitz to eyes and lips in...


Illuminate skin with Givenchy's sensual powder

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Illuminate skin with Givenchy's sensual powder

Kick off the party season in style with Givenchy's Poudre du Soir, a sensual loose powder that illuminates the skin. It melts into the skin as it's swept over shoulders, breasts...


Think eco-chic with Origins!

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Think eco-chic with Origins!

In these environmentally-aware times, think about giving a gift that's good for the planet... think eco-chic! Origins have released Extremely Green, a limited edition organic...


Indulgent gift ideas by Bronnley

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Indulgent gift ideas by Bronnley

Bronnley, makers of the finest British soaps and toiletries, has created a stunning range of Christmas gifts to pamper and indulge your nearest and dearest (don't worry, we won't...


Divine! Jo Malone set of six bath oils

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Divine! Jo Malone set of six bath oils

The Bath Oil collection from Jo Malone is an invitation to pure relaxation. Luxuriously presented in glass decanters, the six fragrances can be used on their own or combined with...


We love: Ted Baker handbag-sized beauty kits

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / We love: Ted Baker handbag-sized beauty kits

Ted Baker has launched four fabulous handbag-sized beauty kits, all featuring this season's must-have shades. They're a perfect present for glamorous girls on the go! Choose from...


Monsoon launches fragrance

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Monsoon launches fragrance

We love Monsoon for its unique clothing, inspired by cultures from across the world, and we can now enjoy that same bohemian spirit with its new signature scent - Monsoon Fragrance...


Plump it up with Bare Escentuals' Buxom Lip Polish

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Plump it up with Bare Escentuals' Buxom Lip Polish

This high-shine gloss is a fantastic natural plumper. Infused with 100% pure bareMinerals, it leaves lips looking and feeling both fuller and smoother, with no plastic surgeon...



Home / Beauty / Make up / Eyeshadow

Want to know the secrets of perfect eyeshadow? There's an art to colouring your eyelids! Here's our guide to getting starry eyes without going over the top. The right tools Use...



Home / Beauty / Skin care / Sunbeds

If you're deprived of sun with no hols planned, you’re depressed about your whiteness and you want a golden tan whatever the weather, you might be tempted by the tanning salons...


The risks of cosmetic surgery

Home / Beauty / Cosmetic Surgery / The risks of cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be a solution to saggy breasts, wrinkles and wobbly thighs! Today surgery is very accurate, more accessible and even commonplace, but it should be thought...


We love: Ted Baker Body Soufflé

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / We love: Ted Baker Body Soufflé

Summer and sun exposure calls for rich body moisturiser, and we've found our dream cream that hydrates without leaving you with that 'greaseball' feeling that your pores are clogged...


Editor's pick: Nivea SPF face cream

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Editor's pick: Nivea SPF face cream

Our skin needs lighter moisturisation in summer, so we're huge fans of Nivea's new ultra-light day cream. It's light as a feather, contains anti-wrinkle Q10 formula (our levels...