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How to blow-dry your hair

Home / Beauty / Hair / How to blow-dry your hair

Smooth, tamed locks are the key to looking glam and chic, and if you want perfect results you can't skip blow-drying! Here’s our easy guide to getting a perfect result with not...


How to apply evening make-up

Home / Beauty / Make up / How to apply evening make-up

For a radiant, glamorous effect, evening make-up should be deep and sophisticated. Subdued lighting allows you to play with colours and materials to create a chic, sublime look...


Fair Skin For The Win! The Best Makeup For Pale-Skinned Ladies

Home / Beauty / Make up / Fair Skin For The Win! The Best Makeup For Pale-Skinned Ladies

Winter really is time for the pale-skinned pretties to shine. Because while the rest of us have been desperately trying to cling to our short lived tans, those gals have had plenty...


Make-up for dark skin

Home / Beauty / Make up / Make-up for dark skin

Harmonious, natural-looking make-up is best for dark or matte complexions: it brings out the radiance and light of dark complexions and highlights the beauty and shine of golden skin...


How to wear perfume

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / How to wear perfume

So you’ve found the right perfume, but where should you be using it, and what can you use it on?! Here’s our guide! Where to spritz on your skin:In the words of one Coco Chanel...


Choosing perfume

Home / Beauty / Fragrance / Choosing perfume

A perfume should be a veil of scent that reveals your personality, character and emotions. How do you select a perfume that suits you and enhances your beauty? Here’s how to read...