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Aries personality traits and information

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Aries personality traits and information

At the beginning of spring, young seedlings spout out from everywhere. Aries is a being of beginnings, he will always be tempted by multiple adventures and risk being scattered everywhere. Impulsive, he charges head first without taking time to think. Spring is also the time for reproduction. Aires posseses a big capacity for renewal. There is no craftiness in him, his generosity sometimes reveals naivity.

Here's our in-depth guide to the Aries star sign (21 March - 20 April).

Element: Fire

Sign: masculine

Ruling planet: Mars

Body part: head

Age: birth

Key phrase: I am

Complementary and opposing sign: Libra

Metal: iron

Colour: bright red

Scent: myrrh

Time period: March/April

Symbolic image of the sign
Aries is a ram, an animal with horns that symbolises power and fertility. He's a virile being, full of life and energy; a creator. He is the chief of a herd, and possesses definite leadership qualities. Aries is always bouncy, bubbling with life, like the rebirth of nature in spring. Ruled by Mars, god of war, Aries is not afraid to fight for his opinions or ideas he believes in. He only lives in the present; and he likes fast action. Slowness and lukewarmness bore Aries to death. Tradition makes Aries an active, extroverted and primitive being.

Mr Aries
A man in a hurry, who walks fast and takes the stairs 4 at a time. He's often slim and excitable. He breathes energy and vitality. His smile reveals beautiful teeth. He’s a carnivore who devours life, others and the world with gusto! He has a primitive character, instinctive and spontaneous reactions, and he has as many enemies as friends.

In life
Action, creation and power are what Mr Aries likes. He's attracted to politics, but he’s not malleable enough for it. He's a fighter. He'd make a good chef or lawyer, or he could set up his own business. He could have a taste for the military, but he’d die of boredom in the barracks: his temperament makes him more suited to a commando position or a job in a a special forces unit. He excels in medical professions, and could be a surgeon, dentist or vet.

In love
He's impulsive and generous, and falls in love at first sight. With his shining eyes and sparkle, he can make you weak at the knees! How can we resist his warmth and energy? But if we make him wait he’ll soon look elsewhere. His lovers can blow hot and cold, and can be easily diappointed when it doesn't last. He may marry young, and marry many times. He loves children, to whom he communicates his love of life.

Miss Aries
She is often slim and muscular, with long legs and a poised head. She has a pleasant smile with a hint of humour around her mouth. Her hands are beautiful and she often wears baroque rings on them.

In life
Miss Aries like to act and devote herself to a cause. She’d hate to be a stay-at-home housewife. She's attracted by male professions, so you may find her in the public sector, financial offices, journalism, or the medical profession, like Mr Aries.

In love
Miss Aries' passion, heroism and sense of purity can scare some men off. Love matters a great deal in her life, but she can get hurt. When she's young, she often plays with men, until the day she meets The One. She doesn’t love, she idolises. She uses all the weapons at her disposal to seduce him. If she really loves him, she’ll never give up even if he leaves her, and she'll fight for him to the end.

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