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Taurus personality traits and information

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Taurus personality traits and information

Taurus has a fixed character. As it continues to rise in the sky, the sun heats the Earth. So it is with Taurus that the diurnal values of practicality, reality and materiality overpower the nocturnal values of the subconscious and imagination. Taurus is sociable, warm, likeable, wholesome and welcoming.

Here's our in-depth guide to the Taurus star sign (21 April - 20 May).

Element: Earth

Sign: feminine

Ruling planet: Venus

Body parts: neck and throat

Age: toddler

Complementary and opposing sign: Scorpio

Metal: copper

Colour: green or pink

Scent: musk

Key phrases: I have, I own

Time period: April/May

After the sparkle of Aries, which symbolises the first signs of spring, comes Taurus, and with it the season takes root. Buds open, trees drive into the ground. Likewise, Taureans are rooted in life, and in their own life particularly, their feet firmly anchored to the ground. Taureans are guided by their feelings but still practical; they’re practicality personified, and they’re aware of that. They’re also patient and persistent constructors who constantly strive towards the goals they set themselves. They’re slow and their mind can’t take on several things at once; they order things one after the other. Taureans are sensual beings with overbearing desires. They’re said to be the most affectionate lovers of the Zodiac, and the best at turning their partners on. Love is like music to them...

Symbolic image of the sign

We see a lot of the wild, masculine and virile image of Taurus, but Taureans are really more meaningful cows than raging bulls! Don’t forget that Taurus is supported by two feminine polarities, that of sensual Venus, evoking pleasure and desire, and that of the Moon.
Taurus' mythology is rich and comes from Dionysus, the son of Jupiter, an eternal adolescent with a bull’s head who was the god of vegetation, wine, fruits and seasonal renewal, a bringer of joy. Taurus is also a symbol of sacrifice. Mithraic mysteries, which were a great inspiration of Christianity, embody the sacrifice of the bull: Mithra cut the throat of the first living bull and its spilt blood led to the birth of plants and animals.

Mr Taurus

He’s generally a small and compact man: there are few tall ones but many with large necks, and their strength is situated in their upper body. You’ll rarely see Mr Taurus running - he walks calmly with a twinkle in his eye! He likes laughing, joking, having fun and gets on easily with other people. Stubbornness is both his strength and weakness...

In life

When it comes to business, he is undeniably practical and rarely affected by other people’s problems, but whenever his own interests are at stake, he’s patient and persevering. He could become a trader, entrepreneur, management advisor, taxman, banker or trader on the Stock Exchange. Taurus is linked to the mouth, so you might also find him in all food-related trades, anything from agriculture to the hotel or restaurant industry; and he may develop his love for nature in agronomy, horticulture or gardening. Influenced by Venus and artistic talent, Mr Taurus paints, sculpts, sings, dances and isn’t afraid of expressing his many talents.

In love

Get rid of all your preconceived ideas about Mr Taurus: in love, he has a surprising amount of imagination. In his youth, he's a bit of a free spirit when it comes to life’s pleasures, but then one day he'll decide to settle down, make a home for himself and have children - at least two, more likely three! In love, like in everything else, he’s in no hurry; he’ll make his decision and then set his heart on his chosen one. He rarely messes around and very quickly becomes possessive and jealous. While flattering at first, this can become stifling. If he says “I love you”, it’s for life.

Miss Taurus

She’s very feminine, always wears make-up and perfume, and takes care of her hair and nails. You’ll rarely see a smudge or a hair out of place on her. Short or tall, brown or blonde, slim or curvy, she goes the whole hog when it comes to attraction and seduction, and few men can resist her when she turns on the charm. Still, she has a more difficult character than Mr Taurus: she’s vindictive, but she knows how to welcome people. She'll invite you round for dinner and you'll end up partying the night away. She likes money and material things: a wardrobe that’s fit to burst, a healthy bank account and a stash of jewellery!

In life

Venus assigns all the artistic talents possible to Miss Taurus: she has a beautiful voice, dances like a pro and would give Laurence Llewelyn Bowen a run for his money in the design stakes! Her career may involve these talents, unless she’s got her own fashion boutique, hairdresser's or beauty salon! She knows how to sell her beauty and she could be a model or actress who invests her earnings to make a nice egg-nest for her retirement. She has her head on her shoulders. She likes responsibility and, despite her fragile appearance, she’s one forceful lady.

In love

Miss Taurus has patience, fervour and sometimes resignation (her weak point is that she can’t live without a man in her life). She needs to feel male eyes on her to feel alive! Jealous and possessive, she doesn’t deal with unfaithfulness well at all, but will put up with it for the children, and to avoid going through change. She’s passionate about her home and is willing to do anything to keep it, so divorce is unlikely. She worships friendship.

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