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Why are we addicted to horoscopes?

by the editorial team ,
Why are we addicted to horoscopes?

Superstitious, us? Not at all! Yet 8 out of 10 of us admit to regularly reading our horoscopes. How can we explain the fact that so many of us religiously consult those little parargraphs? Why do we always want to know the future?

They make us feel special
Little egocentric beings that we are, when we're stuck on the train to work horoscopes call out to us. The astrologer has taken the trouble to dissect our star sign and find words to encourage, motivate and advise us, and it feels good to be pampered.
Only we forget that these kind words are also for the millions of other Geminis on the planet. But that doesn't matter! We apply our horoscope to our lives and the events that we experience personally.

They reassure us
Either by convincing us that we have made the right decision or by giving us a direction to go in, horoscopes help us when we're feeling really lost (to a certain extent, of course!). What our horoscope says can tip the balance when we have doubts, or convince us that choices we've made were the right ones.

They give us excuses
‘My horoscope said the presence of Saturn in my sign this year will prevent me from meeting my ideal man, getting a better job and winning the lottery.’ The inlfuence of the planets can justify our failures and explain away a lack of accomplishments. Of course, failure has nothing to do with the fact that you stayed at home in your pyjamas instead of going out and looking for success or never even bothered to buy a lottery ticket...

They motivate us
‘Nothing will stop Leo this week!’ It may be Monday morning, yet after reading those few lines you feel your wings spreading and you spring into action. Our horoscope is enough to boost us and to make us want change. It can give us the green light to go on and succeed, convincing us that the time has finally come to get what we want.

They affect relationships
Admit it: when you meet a new man, you’re tempted to work out his star sign and work out how compatible you are and what state of mind he’s in at a certain time. Is it written in his stars that he's about to meet The One? If so, you think you're made for each other and go for it! The more extreme among us won't even give a relationship a chance if it's not written in the stars. Next!

Did you know?
- According to a Yahoo marketing survey from January 2007, astrology and dating are the top sectors that incite people to spend on the net (43%).
- Astrology cannot be used in recruitment processes as it’s considered a form of discrimination!
- The inclusion of horoscopes in a magazine can increase sales by 20%.

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