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How To Be Happy At Work: 10 Steps To A Mon-Fri High

by Carla Cain Walther ,
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You're never going to be the next Lauren Conrad if you aren't happy at your 9-5. If you're feeling meh about your job, it's time for a work attitude makeover. It's important to keep positive throughout the weekly grind. Why? Because happy people tend to be successful people who achieve amazing career goals, so listen up, lady! Here's how to be happy at work...

  1. · Keep a tidy and cute desk
  2. · Trade coffee for water
  3. · Have a healthy snack collection
  4. · Accept your coworkers' working habits
  5. · Quit the sad lonely desk lunch
  6. · Have a standing lunch date
  7. · Don't stress about past mistakes
  8. · Pick a pump up song
  9. · Look the part
  10. · Remind yourself of what you accomplished every day

1. Keep a tidy and cute desk

Since you're sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day, why not sit amongst cute, pretty things that make you smile and lift your mood? Personalizing your desk with artwork, pictures of friends and family, and teensy gadgets or flowers will keep the positive energy flowing, making you a happier person to work with!

2. Trade coffee for water

A cup of coffee certainly gives you a needed boost at 7am, but don't rely on caffeine all day to remain alert because you might over-do it. Besides the whole stained teeth problem, drinking too much coffee makes you jittery, anxious, and irritable. Try topping up with water instead!

Yes, the high isn't instantaneous, but after a few days of drinking water the more focused and productive you'll become. And what happens when you're productive at work? Praise from your bosses, bonuses, raises, and happiness in your career! Hurrah!

3. Have a healthy snack collection

Don't get swept away by hangry, or hungry-angry, feelings in the middle of the workday. We all know that a girl who has food on the brain can turn into Medusa's pissed off sister if she doesn't get her snack on.

​We suggest keeping a tiny snack box full of granola bars, nuts and fruit. Quelling your rumbling stomach with foods that energise you and boost your mood!

4. Accept your coworkers' working habits

You might hate that your coworker taps away at her keyboard during meetings instead of using pen and paper. Maybe you can't stand how loudly the other sales assistant talks to advertisers on the phone. However, complaining about things your coworkers do that don't actually impair their productivity or make your job harder, is a waste of energy and will ruin your mood at work. So just let it go.

Focus on the fact that your coworkers got the job done and not on how you would've done things differently. You'll be better off for it, we promise!

5. Quit the sad lonely desk lunch

Ok, ok, sometimes eating in front of your computer is unavoidable, especially if it's crunch time at the office. But if you don't have a busy schedule, please woman, STEP AWAY FROM THE DESK and get some vitamin D.

6. Have a standing lunch date

If you're friendly with a coworker or have a girlfriend who works in the same area, try to get together a few times a week to eat lunch. But make a rule against work talk during that hour!

Taking a mental break from your To Do list while you refuel is important for having the happiest and brightest attitude when you return! Lunch is a time to relax and not bitch...no matter how bad you may want to.

7. Don't stress about past mistakes

So you sent a memo to the entire company with a typo and your boss chewed you out. Or you gave the wrong info to a client that cost you their business. If you've made your apologies and cried into your cat's fur over it, then it's time to let it go.

The more you beat yourself up over work screw ups, you'll feel negatively about your abilities. But listen up, girl- even the best trained editors, architects, and fashion designers make the occasional mistake. Chock it up to a lesson learned and stop pouting!

8. Pick a pump up song

The Work Zone Out typically happens in the early afternoon. You find yourself checking Facebook or Twitter for mindless entertainment, totally aware that minutes are clicking by without you doing anything. Don't let procrastination seriously disrupt your productivity! 6PM will roll around and you'll be pissed off at yourself for having assignments to finish.

When you start drifting, plug in your headphones and blast a pump up, motivating song. It'll give you a needed jolt to your system so you can stay on task!

9. Look the part

In the office, what you wear reflects how you feel about yourself and how far you want to go in the company.

Showing up to work in dirty jeans and white tees gives off the impression that you're not there to improve yourself OR the company. Stock up on stylish pencil skirts, tailored pants, and fitted blazers. Your confidence will grow too!

10. Remind yourself of what you accomplished every day

It's so hard not to shut off your computer and run out of the office to happy hour or a date with your boy.

However, if ​you can spare a few minutes, think about what you got done that day, even if it was something as small as helping your boss resize an image or giving a high-pressure presentation to new clients. This moment of reflection is like a pat on the back that you totally deserve!

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