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The Apprentice 2013: Kurt Wilson and Natalie Panayi sent home in shock double firing

by Esme Riley ,
The Apprentice 2013: Kurt Wilson and Natalie Panayi sent home in shock double firing© BBC

Lord Alan Sugar pointed his finger at not one but two hopefuls on last night's Apprentice. Kurt Wilson and Natalie Panayi are no longer in the running for the business boss' investment after their dismal performances in a caravan sales task.

Lord Alan Sugar decided it was time to send home two candidates from The Apprentice last night.

Health drink entrepreneur Kurt Wilson, 26, and recruitment manager Natalie Panayi, 23, were banished to a black cab after their team's poor performance in a caravan sales task.

Endeavour and Evolve were challenged to pick two camping accessories, plus one high-price item, before selling as much as they could at Birmingham's Motorhome and Caravan Show.

Kurt was project manager of Team Endeavour, deciding along with Alex Mills that they would try and shift a retro-style camper.

His sub-team wanted to sell electric bikes and a children's camping box kit, but their less than persuasive chat failed to impress the designers of the items.

The products were therefore handed to Team Evolve, who had also noted them as their number one choices.

Endeavour were instead tasked to sell a boat box - a car roof box that's also a boat - and a folding chair.

Evolve - led by Neil Clough - decided their high-price item would be a collapsible caravan.

Things didn't get any better for Endeavour, as the results were a whitewash.

Kurt and Myles Mordaunt failed to shift any of the retro campers and the sub-team brought in just £1,479 on accessories sales.

Evolve, on the other hand, sold three of their collapsible caravans, to a sum of £30,499.

Add to this what they brought in with the electric bike and camping box, and the team roared to victory with a total profit of £33,615.

While Evolve celebrated with a trip to the Manchester Velodrome, Endeavour stewed over their loss in the local cafe.

Kurt opted to take Natalie and Alex back into the boardroom with him.

Liverpudlian Kurt was aware and admitted he'd taken a risk by choosing the retro camper but came under fire for his decision by Lord Alan in the boardroom.

The business boss said: "Kurt, I admire your honesty. You know, that you do admit that it was the wrong product and you admit that you got it wrong as far as that’s concerned...

"But Kurt, you messed up on this task, OK. Kurt, you’re fired."

And the business boss didn't stop there.

It was the third time Natalie had been brought back into the boardroom and though she tearfully insisted Kurt was being tactical, Lord Alan wasn't willing to give her another chance.

He continued: "Natalie, it’s possible that Kurt might have been tactical in bringing you back in here, but on the other hand, you’ve had a hell of a lot of chances in this process.

"And you haven’t proved yourself to me at all. Natalie, you’re fired."

Natalie, Kurt and Alex in the boardroom © BBC
Natalie, Kurt and Alex in the boardroom
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