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The #JiggleForJoy Movement Will Make You Learn To Love Your Lady Lumps

by Lareese Craig ,
The #JiggleForJoy Movement Will Make You Learn To Love Your Lady Lumps

We've all sat and scrolled through Instagram and wondered how many ab crunches/ miracles it would take to look even half as good as these otherworldly #fitfam women. Especially when Ben & Jerry's and Domino's exists. But thankfully, there's also body affirming accounts out there too, accounts like positively.kate who decided to celebrate her body instead of shaming it with the #JiggleForJoy movement.

After spending years struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self-harm, Kate Speer decided to turn her life around.

She started to meet with a therapist who taught her how to face her fears and become the advocate for body positivity she is today.

The 29-year-old from Hanover, New Hampshire, started to share her body positive messages and videos on Instagram and has fast become a source of inspiration for those suffering with mental health issues.

Now she's starting her very own #JiggleForJoy movement after one of her videos went viral, garnering over 140,000 views. In the caption she talks about her struggle with an eating disorder and how, even now, she still finds it terrifying to share videos of her body online.

"Your midday reminder that YOU - just as you are - are fabulous! I've been struggling with my beautiful bod this week (and note, I know I have a thin-privileged beautiful bod even if I can't always feel it to be so) and beating it up in my mind and trying to suffocate it with binging.

"So, today, I'm posting this, even though it is terrifying me to do so (yep, deleted it 7 times). I'm also saying this for me (and you).

"My body is MORE than its appearance.
My body is NOT my value.
My body is simply the vessel for my god damn fabulous self [...]"

She goes on to address her eating disorder directly, adding to the caption, "So dear ED that has been plaguing me as of late, go duck yourself. Yup you. I am doing #jiggleforjoy and gosh darnit ED, you aren't going to stop me."

And she's a woman of her word. Her latest video sees her jiggling around in her bra and knickers and making us all feel more than happy with our wobbly bits.

It is your Monday reminder that YOU - just as you are - are FABULOUS! • I'm having a tough body day (and note, I know I have a thin-privileged, able-privileged, beautiful bod even if I can't always feel it to be so) and some hella fierce ptsd today but I am SO MUCH MORE THAN MY BODY AND THE NEGATIVITY IN MY HEAD! • So, today, I'm posting this ?even though it is still terrifying for me to do so in honor of my second chance at life. • I am alive! I survived 10 yeas in and out of wards. And, for all my friends who died fighting these illnesses and do not have the privilege of treatment and survival as I did, THIS IS FOR YOU. • I dance with joy, I dance with life, I dance with love for you. • And while we're here, let us remember this (myself especially)... • EVERY BODY IS A BEACH BODY!• • EVERY body is MORE than its appearance. • EVERY body is simply the vessel for the god damn fabulous selves we are. • Yes - exactly - that means YOU ARE FABULOUS - EXACTLY AS YOU ARE. • So dear ED that is still plaguing me and dear ptsd that has me reliving darkness, You are wrong. • I am enough. I am whole. I am beautiful. And, I am sticking to this. • I am taking back my body. I am taking back the beach. And I am damn proud to be me - EXACTLY AS I AM. • With love, dork and so much love for this second chance at life, Kate Speer #jiggleforjoy #darkbutdetermined #takebackthebeach #body4me #donthatetheshake

A post shared by unapologetically kate speer. (@positively.kate) on Jun 5, 2017 at 12:52pm PDT

If she doesn't make you want to strip down to your undies and do a dance to the beat of self-love then we don't know who or what will.

Go get 'em girl!

Have you got any tips for self-confidence? Let's hear them! Tweet us @sofeminineUK and join in the #jiggleforjoy movement.

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Lareese Craig
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