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This Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail Might Be The Worst Yet

by Tolani Shoneye ,
This Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail Might Be The Worst Yet© Victoria's Secret

It's not the first and it probably won't be the last time the Victoria's Secrets photoshop team screws up. The brand is known for its liberal use of airbrushing but this time they've really overdone it...

The advert for the brands new range, Cheekies shows a model wearing thigh highs and sheer panelled undies. Nothing unusual about that folks but then...what's that? At first glance it's possible to miss the error but on closer inspection you can see that the model's left butt cheek has been completely cut off.

The responses to the image on Facebook have been hilarious, with one fan going so far to actually fix the problem himself...

Victoria's Secret, you might want to give this guy a job.

​Although we're all used to the fact that photoshop is EVERYWHERE, it's still disheartening to see brands project a standard of beauty that goes so far to require the actual physical removal of integral body parts.

Oh and if you're not beating your head against your desk already, here are a few more Photoshop fails from the brand. Victoria's Secret, when will you learn.

Victoria's Secret © Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret
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