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10 Older Actors Who Were Ridiculously Attractive In Their Day

by Emmy Griffiths ,
10 Older Actors Who Were Ridiculously Attractive In Their Day© Getty

Their hair might be a little whiter and they might be playing mostly fatherly roles nowadays, but back in their day we would have been all OVER these actors...

1. Ian McKellan

Before he was Gandalf, he was a brooding smoker who wouldn't look out of place in Shoreditch.

2. Christopher Walken

With his intense eyes and chiselled cheekbones, we would definitely have swiped yes on Tinder.

3. Dustin Hoffman

If you're into the preppy type, young Dustin Hoffman would definitely be your cup of tea.

4. Clint Eastwood

Good GRIEF. Could a young Clint be any sexier? It's a genuine question. This might be the sexiest photo of all time.

5. Robert De Niro

Tall, dark AND handsome. Anyone wish they were alive in the Seventies to meet this man?

6. James Spader

Is it just us, or does a young James Spader kind of look like Dean from Supernatural? Just thinking out loud...

7. Ricky Gervais

The youngest on the list, Ricky Gervais certainly isn't in his golden years just yet but still! LOOK AT HIM AS A YOUNG MAN. Good heavens.

8. Chevy Chase

Before he became Pierce Hawthorne in Community, Chevy Chase was one handsome young man.

9. Michael Caine

Why was he never James Bond though?

10. Donald Sutherland

To be fair, his beard is still JUST as glorious.

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