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12 Things That Happened During Every School Assembly

by Emmy Griffiths ,
12 Things That Happened During Every School Assembly© WeHeartIt

Before team meetings, there were assemblies. Every week you'd be herded to the main hall where you'd have to sit on the floor for half an hour or so whilst your teachers taught you moral lessons, made you sing a couple of hymns and find out all the new things you were no longer allowed to do in the playground (sad face). Here's everything that happened during Assemblies...

The line to assembly was strictly boy girl boy girl

The trick was to loiter at the back when they ran out and you could sit with your friend. WIN.

When you almost broke your back sitting up so straight when you wanted to be picked for something

With your arms crossed to your CHIN so they could see how well-behaved you were being.

Being presented the Student of the Week award in front of everyone

And feeling so proud and smug that you knew you'd NEVER get over it.

Sitting cross legged until you just couldn’t handle it anymore

Why have we been packed in like animals?! Children should be free to stretch their legs!

The amazing day when your class held a special assembly

That was almost always based on the Vikings.

Having the longest “Gooood MoOOOOOOOooorrrrrning Mrs ...! Good MOOOOOOOOOORNING EVERYBODYYYY.”

Those could go on for minutes. MINUTES I TELL YOU.

Having a competition on who sings hymns the loudest


Learning all about a new theme every week

Stick and stones may break my bones, but names can hurt me. As in, don’t tease people. Understood.

Being constantly reminded of everything you’re not allowed to enjoy

Assembly was where British Bulldog and Pokemon cards went to die.

Checking the person’s hair for nits in front of you

And feel utter horror if you actually saw something crawling in there.

When you managed to get that seat against the pillar and couldn’t believe your luck

It doesn't matter if I'm sat on the floor, this is going to be one satisfyingly comfy time.

When you got to the benches in year six and felt like a top dog

Yep, this is the LIFE.

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