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12 Times We Said "F**k It ALL. I Have Exams!"

by Vivian KELLY ,
12 Times We Said "F**k It ALL. I Have Exams!"© Google Images

As if post Christmas blues weren't enough to deal with somebody decides to have uni exams in January. And lets face it, revision sucks ass. So when it comes to getting the job done and getting through this period of er, HELL, sometimes we just gotta let things ride. Here are 12 times we've said "F it. I have exams!" Ladies here's the sad truth. Don't tell us you don't agree...

1. Eating like a horse

If there is any time in life to excuse eating five bags of Sweet Chilli Sensations, a box of Krispy Kreme and an endless supply of mini eggs THIS is the time.

2. Bipolar mood swings

When you have a pile of books to read through and 100 pages of endless notes (that you still have YET to revise) obviously no one has time to be nice. Oh, and...

3. All nighters are absolutely necessary

If it's a few days before your exam it's GAME time people. Suddenly we're determined to do well (or pass at least).

4. Caffeine overload

But NOT without getting high on caffeine first. You need to have wings before you can fly, you know what I mean?

5. Not having time to shower

But when you finally get the chance it feels so damn good.

6. Studying in the library in your pyjamas

It's called prioritising. Do you really expect us to have the time?

7. Take out at 3AM

Yeah boii.

8. No Make Up

Who has time to look good when one exam could potentially make or break your life? Make up, take a backseat.

9. Suicidal Snap Chats

God help us. It's the only way we can release our problems.

10. In bed all day

All that matters now is that you pass your exams. If that means lying in bed all day with no make up, not showering and not even brushing your teeth (ew) then consider it done!

11. Whinging

Sometimes you just gotta do it. Tired, stressed, worried and no proper sleep in days, yeah don't expect anything less.

12. We always let procrastination win

We'll do anything BUT revising. (Even if that means cleaning our room and taking the bin out.) Desperate times indeed.

Nuff said.

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Vivian KELLY
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