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16 Signs The Grinch Was Definitely The Original Basic Bitch

by Emmy Griffiths ,
16 Signs The Grinch Was Definitely The Original Basic Bitch

We're all guilty of being a bit of a basic bitch from time to time. Whether it's grumbling about making plans, fussing over what to wear or just dressing our pets up in little outfits, let's face it: being totes basic can be fun, and it looks like we have FINALLY found our leader in the most unlikeliest of places! Yup, looking back on the brilliant Christmas film, The Grinch, the titular baddy has some traits that seem extremely familiar!

When he stopped at nothing to forget he was in the wrong.

When he realised he literally never needed to leave his lair, and he was just fine with that.

When he got seriously high and mighty about his outfit choices.

When he threw a strop because none of his outfits were on fleek.

When he realised dressing up his dog was the height of hilarity and cuteness.

When he had a strong reaction to someone coming into his place uninvited.

When he was literally a funny Facebook quote.

When he got emotional then panicked because he's meant to be a sassy bitch.

When he realised he should probably get out of the house.

When he had the most basic overreaction to something annoying him.

When he always made time for himself.

When he would rather act like a crazy person than make new friends.

When he exacted revenge from anyone and everyone who ever wronged him.

When he was really all about his healthy and living #authentically.

When he blamed his hips on anything but his diet.

When he didn't like anything, ever.

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