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19 Signs Pokémon Go Has Literally Taken Over Your Life

by Helen Turnbull ,
19 Signs Pokémon Go Has Literally Taken Over Your Life© weheartit

ICYMI (God knows how), Pokémon - i.e. the geeky anime TV series-turned-game most 10-16 year olds were obsessed with back in 2001 - has made a spontaneous comeback in the form of a smart phone-based game which has the world and its dog officially hooked. Here's 19 signs your soul has been taken by Pokémon Go gods (and you couldn't be happier about it).

1. It takes you a lifetime to get anywhere

Pokémon Go > everything else

2. You think it's a perfectly valid excuse for being late

You've genuinely said, 'sorry, I was catching Pokémon' to your boss.

3. Pokémon Go > social events, every time

Friend: What're you doing this weekend?

4. Hanging around street corners etc. is your new favourite pastime and you don't think it's in the slightest bit weird

5. Even in the dead of night

There's no rest for the wicked.



6. You plan all your free time around it

'Sorry I can't tonight, I'm playing Pokémon Go' is the new 'I'm washing my hair'.

7. You've disowned every friend and/or family member who is yet to download it

Ain't nobody got time for the Pokémon-Go-less population.

8. Eat, sleep, Pokémon Go repeat is your life now

9. You've sustained all manner of injuries for never looking where you're going

Eyes on the prize baby.

10. You risk life and limb

'Girl, 25, in near-miss car accident while playing Pokémon Go' could legit be tomorrow's headline.

11. You genuinely need physio for crooking your neck

12. You give judging eyes to people *still* playing Candy Crush/Solitaire/anything other than PG

That is so 2015.



13. You've shortened it to PG and think you deserve a Pulitzer Prize

14. You wish someone would invent a summer-friendly glove with a phone compartment

You're keeping screen-protected manufacturers in jobs with the amount of times you've dropped yours.

15. You've had at least one PG-related mental breakdown, most likely drunk

You said 'this is me' when you watched this.


16. The boy you're dating has to bribe you with rare Pokémons before you agree to go round

You'd rather catch Pokémon than feelings.

17. You've cancelled your gym membership

I have walked 500 miles and I will walk 500 more.

18. At least one of these items is on its way to you

Gotta buy 'em all.

19. You wonder whether they'll make a Pokémon Go rehab centre

But more importantly, will you need it?

How much has Pokémon Go taken over your life? Let us know the signs it's taken your soul on Twitter @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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