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25 Killer Carving Ideas To Get Your Pumpkin On Point This Halloween

by Rose Adams ,
25 Killer Carving Ideas To Get Your Pumpkin On Point This Halloween© Pinterest

Carving utensils at the ready people, Halloween is here and it's time to pimp up your pumpkins like never before. Stuck for inspiration? We've rounded up these killer pumpkin carving ideas from Pinterest just for you! Get. Stuck. In.

I'm a bit of a Halloween wimp. There I said it. And it's for this reason that pumpkin carving is one of my fave things about this time of year. If the thought of a haunted house or spooky ghost train also fills you with dread, scary movies are firmly off the menu and the thing you look forward to most is a spot of apple bobbing, then fear not, cos these impressive pumpkins prove that good over evil will always win.

As much as we love getting into the arts and crafts on Halloween, carving your 'kins is never an easy task for most of us. Which is why we need all the inspiration we can get! We've scoured Pinterest for the coolest, totally un-spooky prize pumpkin ideas so you can concentrate on perfecting your spider web manicure instead. You're welcome! Just don't forget to keep the seedy insides for a tasty pumpkin soup.

From foodie themed carvings to decadent Disney designs, we're gonna start practicing now!

© pinterest
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Rose Adams
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