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25 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Watching Making A Murderer

by Emmy Griffiths ,
25 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Watching Making A Murderer

Making a Murderer is so hot right now. If you haven't already binge-watched all ten episodes on Netflix, you've been told to at least half a dozen times. The story of Steve Avery's trial for the murder of Teresa Halbech has made us all go a little mad, and we have helpfully outlined your MaM journey in 25 stages...

You've started to watching Making a Murderer. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen?


Already you're having a hard time trusting a man who thinks bald with a beard is a good look


Then you realise this man is about to be made a millionaire for time unjustly spent in prison and you are filled with righteousness


And also that’ll mean he can probably go buy himself a few new shirts :S :S :S

How can he go to SO many talks and meetings and press conferences in the same stained blue t-shirt? Oh Steve...




You quickly grow outraged at the guy who FRAMED his framing of Steve

You also feel horribly sorry for Steve’s mother


But all in all, your attitude towards the Avery family unit is mixed at best


You wish you could understand what their accent is and where it came from


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You also develop a serious crush on Avery’s lawyers and their fashion choices <3

On the other hand, you want to slap Brendan’s lawyer’s smile off his corrupt, Ned Flanders face

You aspire to be more like this sassy reporter

Then you get to episode five and realise the POLICE KNEW WHERE THE CAR WAS TWO DAYS BEFORE IT WAS FOUND


You realise that Manitowoc Country Sheriff’s Department are all LIARS


Not to mention this smug scientist

You will stop at nothing to find out who the ‘international recording artist’ juror is

You’re a little ashamed of yourself for truly disliking Teresa’s brother

You’re now 7 episodes in with no signs of stopping. Plans have been cancelled. Takeaways have been ordered.


You begin to worry about your own safety from a corrupt police force

You know what will happen at the end, but you still hope for the best


You feel like crying when Steve and Brendan’s sentences are handed out


When you hear ANOTHER thing about that f*cking blue ribbon

But instantly cheer up when you discover that prosecutor Ken Kratz is a sex pest


When you find out that Steve Avery has found a new girlfriend in prison

🙍🏻 #makingamurderer

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You kind of finish the series not knowing what’s right or wrong or what you believe


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