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Adult Jokes From Kids Movies That You Probably Never Noticed

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Adult Jokes From Kids Movies That You Probably Never Noticed

Cast your mind back to when you were younger, and you always found it a little odd when your parents would snort at the movie we were watching. What were they laughing at? Nothing funny had happened, had it? Turns out there was more going on with our favourite movies than we ever imagined...until we grew up that is!

1. Space Jam

This went completely over our heads every 200 times we watched Space Jam growing up in the nineties:

“Are there any other areas, besides basketball, where you find yourself unable to perform?’



2. Toy Story

Sid, the kid who tortures toys "JUST FOR FUN!" put together this hook with long legs. Making it a hooker. Yeah?! That kid was dark.

Woody and Bo's relationship

What will you be doing that the sheep can't see?!

Buzz's wings popping out when he sees Jessie for the first time

Just couldn't keep 'em in, could we Buzz?

Ken and Barbie's relationship

"Nice ascot!"

3. Cars

For saying it's meant to be for little kids, Cars has some BRILLIANT subtle references. Our favourite:

“We don’t need headlights because the track’s always lit!"

“So’s my brother lit, but he still needs headlights!”

Flashing groupies

Lightning McQueen's number 1 groupie fans 'flashing' their headlights is perfection.

4. Frozen

Sure it doesn't Anna. Sure it doesn't.

5. Shrek

As well as the many, many jokes about Lord Farquaad's 'size', there is so many adult jokes packed into Shrek it may as well have been made purely with the grown-ups in mind.

Welcome to Duloc


When Puss in Boots is found with catnip

6. Hercules

Very clever. Almost TOO clever.

7. The Grinch

When Cindy Lou is finding out how babies are born, this one arrives:

8. Rugrats: The Movie


9. Hocus Pocus

Okay, is this a little TOO dark? Even though five minutes into this film a little girl was murdered, a boy turned into a cat and three witches hanged? Is THIS too much?!

10. Emperor's New Groove

Being murdered > Yzma's thigh


11. Scooby Doo

Since Scooby and Shaggy are blatant potheads (Scooby rhymes with dooby, for heavens sake), it seemed too good to miss that they would name Shaggy's movie girlfriend Mary Jane. Smh.

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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