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WATCH: These Kids Save The Day When Their Bus Driver Passes Out

by Emmy Griffiths ,
WATCH: These Kids Save The Day When Their Bus Driver Passes Out© WeHeartIt

We're ashamed to admit, but when we were at school, if the bus driver passed out in his seat our reaction would probably be to just sit there and wait for him to sort his life out. Fortunately for this bus driver, who passed out at the wheel whilst driving a school bus, these kids knew how react in an emergency situation...

As the bus driver passes out at the wheel and the bus begins to veer out of control, a young school student named Jeremy Wuitschick grabbed the wheel and took control of the situation.

He said: "I leap off my chair, I grab the wheel, turn it right...then take the keys out of the ignition." ​

Amazing, right? But not only did Jeremy step up, ANOTHER kid then proceeded to give the driver CPR. Sorry but these children are INCREDIBLE. He said: "I ran up and tried doing chest compressions but his eyes were rolling back and I could tell he was finding it harder to breathe."

The OTHER kids then promptly called 911. As ALL ROUND. Check out the amazing video here:


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Emmy Griffiths
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