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10 Reasons You Need To Go And See Cinderella

by Emmy Griffiths ,
10 Reasons You Need To Go And See Cinderella© Disney

We went to see the new adaptation of Cinderella last night and we have to say, it brought us straight back to our childhoods and was completely wonderful. Here's why you NEED to check out this live-action version of the classic tale..

  1. · It’s a nostalgia trip
  2. · It looks gorgeous
  3. · It brings Cinderella to a modern day audience
  4. · It doesn’t shy away from the cheese
  5. · Cate Blanchett steals the show
  6. · Richard Madden is so much more than just Prince Charming
  7. · Lily Rose (Cinderella) is wonderful
  8. · There are plenty of recognisable faces
  9. · The music is gorgeous
  10. · It’s a tear jerker

It’s a nostalgia trip

There’s a reason we all adore the fairy tales from our childhood. Romance, magic and dreams coming true for those true of heart never felt cringey to us when we were young and it doesn't feel cringey now. You just feel like you've gone back in time!

It looks gorgeous

The sheer spectacle of the film is breath taking, with the pumpkin-carriage transformation and the Ball standing out as both funny and beautifully done.

It brings Cinderella to a modern day audience

Director Kenneth Branagh creates a Cinderella who may not be the kickass strong female lead we’ll began to expect to see nowadays, but is still a well-formed and complex character, particularly in comparison to her 1950 animated counterpart. She is kind, dutiful and yes, she cries a lot. She is also courageous, loving and has enough fortitude to sink a ship.

Disney is to be applauded for their recent enlightened that love is not the only thing to drive a female protagonist, but with Cinderella our protagonist's romance with the Prince goes hand in hand with being true to yourself against all odds, and that’s good enough for us!

It doesn’t shy away from the cheese

Branagh doesn’t shy away from making the movie as unashamedly and wonderfully cheesy as we could have hoped!

Cate Blanchett steals the show

Cate Blanchett’s jealous, maniacal evil stepmother is the real star of the show, along with her hilarious daughters AKA the Ugly stepsisters.


Richard Madden is so much more than just Prince Charming

He brings so much more than just a pretty face by throwing himself into a potentially cringey role and making it utterly earnest. Plus, he looks damn good in those high-waisted breeches.

Lily Rose (Cinderella) is wonderful

Honestly so likeable. This won’t be a repeat of when you went to see Snow White and the Huntsman *shakes head at Kristen Stewart*.

There are plenty of recognisable faces

Helena Bonham Carter is uncharacteristically sparkly in her role as the dim yet well-meaning fairy Godmother, Rob Brydon takes a turn as the portrait painter, and Downton Abbey’s Daisy (Sophie McShera) is one half of the brilliant ugly stepsisters.

The music is gorgeous

Patrick Doyle's score is seriously so beautiful. You can try to keep it together when Ella dances with the Prince as the band plays. You’ll fail, but you can try.


It’s a tear jerker

You know it will all have a happy ever after, but the movie deals with themes of illness, loss and grief, and you’ll be sobbing three minutes in, guaranteed.

But why take our word for it? Watch the trailer here...


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