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7 Reasons All Adults Should Get on Board With The Colouring Book Trend

by Emmy Griffiths ,
7 Reasons All Adults Should Get on Board With The Colouring Book Trend© Weheartit @teresa_maia_de_loureiro

If colouring books were something you loved doing as a child, have you ever stopped to wonder what changed? Chances are you'd love to put a felt-tip pen to paper just as much now as you did then. Luckily for you, adult colouring books are having a moment. Here's why adult colouring books are THE trend you need to jump on!

  1. · You won’t be alone
  2. · It’s therapeutic
  3. · You’ll feel tres artistic
  4. · It’s easy
  5. · It’s nostalgic
  6. · It can be fairly sensual
  7. · It’s only just beginning

You won’t be alone

Adult colouring books are currently dominating the Amazon UK Best Seller list, with half of the books in the top ten a colouring adventure. So grab those felt tips (or go to WHSmiths and buy some felt tips since we personally haven't owned a set since the 90s) and get colouring!

It’s therapeutic

Colouring in can be a type of meditation as it allows you to clear your mind and turns your thoughts away from all of that standard stress to focus on a simple task. Head of publicity, making and online for publisher Michael O'Mara Ana McLaughlin told The Independant: "The anti-stress angle gave people permission to enjoy something they might have felt was quite childish."

So there you have it! Stop sneakily colouring in your child's In The Night Garden at night and get a colouring book of your own!

You’ll feel tres artistic

Sadly, many of us (yours truly included) don't have an artistic bone in our body, and wouldn't have a clue what to do if presented with a blank sheet of paper. So with a colouring book, you can actually create something pretty (then proudly display it in a frame, obviously) without needing to be a budding Picasso!

It’s easy

It's the easiest hobby you'll ever pick up! Just keep in the lines, and you'll be fine.

It’s nostalgic

You'll feel that bittersweet sting of childhood when you really get into your stride with a creation, and you won't be alone! One of the most attractive things about colouring in is that it brings you straight back to your childhood.

It can be fairly sensual

It's all well and good to colour in beautiful garden scenes and exotic animals, but there also VERY interesting colouring books available which focus on Benedict Cumberbatch and Jamie Dornan. Swoon.

It’s only just beginning

Bestselling creator of the Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book Johanna Basford is currently working on her third colouring in creation, and publishing company Michael O’Mara will have 22 adult colouring books available from May, with titles including The Typography Colouring Book and The Classic Comic Colouring Book on the way!

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg

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