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David Beckham Gave A Family In Need $100K And We Don't Think We Could Be More In Love With Him

by Emmy Griffiths ,
David Beckham Gave A Family In Need $100K And We Don't Think We Could Be More In Love With Him© Getty

David Beckham is an angel in many ways. He's polite, sweet, is an amazing father and husband and is always the first person to jump at the chance of doing his bit for charity (who could ever forget his sketch with James Corden for Sport Relief?!) But now he has REALLY outdone himself. Brace yourself for tears of joy watching this one!

When David Beckham knocked at this family's door, their reactions were delighted enough that he could have just stayed for a quick cup of tea and would have already made their lives (in fact, the mum does offer him a drink, adorable).

After being the most polite H&M underwear model we've EVER seen and shaking hands with everyone in the family, David Beckham proceeded to tell them all why he was there. First of all, he gave them seven new iPhones. Not bad. Not at ALL too shabby. But then he REALLY brings it home.

"I also have a plan", he said. "You don't have to worry about paying your bills for the next ten years."

After cheering, you can hear the mum shout: "no phone bills!" They're already SO happy! But WAIT. THERE'S MORE.

"But. One of the main reasons I'm here was that I was told about your family and I was very honoured to come here and be welcomed into your home and actually meet you one on one because I've heard so much about you. I've heard about how much you work...so thanks to my friends at Sprint I have this. So you can go ahead and open it if you'd like."

The mum opens the cheque for one hundred thousand dollars and brings the house DOWN. They're crying, we're crying, our pet guinea pig is crying. Watch it for yourself and good luck keeping those flood gates closed!


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