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There's Finally An Avocado Emoji and You Only Have To Wait A Few More Weeks To (Over) Use It

by Helen Turnbull ,
There's Finally An Avocado Emoji and You Only Have To Wait A Few More Weeks To (Over) Use It© WeHeartIt

Since the dawn of time, avocado-eaters and Instagram-users have been crying out for a symbol to depict the most-photographed brunch item but the endless wait is almost over as the avo Emoji is coming to your iPhone keyboard in just a few weeks.

In important Emoji-related news, the makers of the keyboard-integrated app have revealed no less than 72 new symbols which will be included in their update at the end of June.

While we could give or take an eagle Emoji, we've waited what seems like a lifetime for a symbol which succinctly expresses our love for the legend that is avocado and the end is nearly nigh.

Other helpful additions include: bacon (e.g. bring me bacon), fingers crossed (e.g. Fingers crossed Emoji design a smashed avo sign soon), spoon (e.g. Wish I was spooning you rn), cartwheel (e.g. Got that Friday feeling) and fox (e.g. feeling foxy af).

On the other hand,we're struggling to understand what use we'd get out of the kiwi, lizard, potato, handball and shopping trolley icons.

The Unicode Consortium (i.e. the people responsible for making Emoji things happen) will release the new designs in their June update but fonts and other technical formalities need to be finalised before you can (over-use) them. You can view the full list here.

What's your favourite new Emoji? Let us know @SoFeminineUK

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