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33 Summer Struggles Every Girl Has To Deal With

by Rose Adams ,
33 Summer Struggles Every Girl Has To Deal With

Sun, sand, sea, tans: summer is the best. The days get longer and our hems get shorter as we can FINALLY flash those pearly-white pins. But with those perks and picnics comes a whole heap of struggles. From waxing errrythang to the saggy butt our bikini bottoms give us, grab your insect repellent and fake tan and join us as we list our #summerstruggles....

From one sweaty gal to another, let's embrace all the summer struggles we have to deal with together!

1. ALLLLL THE SWEAT. Sweaty back, sweaty under boob, sweaty side boob, sweaty inner thighs...

The list goes on.

2. When you get up off a leather seat and it sounds like you're ripping off a plaster cos you're so stuck in place by your sweat

That *squelch* noise though.

3. Flip flop related injuries

The most comfortable shoes but also the most lethal. Damn that toe thong broke on us again and made us faceplant.

4. When you don't actually need to buy new make up but you gotta anyway cos now you're slightly tanned your foundation doesn't match your face

It's a fine line between glowing and looking like Donald Trump.

5. Blisters for days

To pop or not to pop, that is the question. And we've run out of plasters again.

6. Having your phone die on you cos you've been out all day without a plug

So you just turn the brightness right down so you can't see the screen. Brill.

7. Finding new freckles all over the place

Extra points if you mistake the ones on your hand for crumbs at first. Just us? Oh. Right.

8. Those super dodgy tan lines that strappy garments give you so you end up looking like this:

9. When your eyebrows sweat off and your secret over plucking is revealed for the whole world to see

They were on fleek when we left the house, now we look like we've only got one.

10. Never knowing what to wear to work

Too hot for tights, but the air con makes us cold so we gotta bring jumper and a scarf to wear, but then we'll melt on public transport on the way to the office. GAH.

11. Having to endure the painful and arduous process of waxing every single inch of ourselves...


12. ... and the inevitable burn and red spots that come after. Forget trying to hide the fact you've waxed your upper lip - that red rash says it all.

You ain't fooling no one. P.S. that stuff STINKS.

13. When you're feeling yourself cos you've finally removed all the winter fuzz, then you step out the shower and heyyy you missed a spot!

Is there anything more annoying?

14. When your eyes are itchy AF from hayfever but you can't rub them because make up

The. Pain.

15. When the sun turns your hair all kinds of weird colours: brunettes get an attractive orange tinge, and that bright blonde is more of an unwanted turquoise now

Someone grab us the ketchup, stat!

16. Thinking you've developed a nice shade of tan, then taking off your sunglasses and seeing you're actually four shades paler than you thought


17. ALL the itchy AF mosquito bites. In weird places.

Nope that's not a zit on our butt cheek, we've just been involuntarily attacked by another mozzie.

18. Not wearing any perfume to avoid attracting the mozzies, then smelling of B.O due to the lack of fragranced products on our body...

19. ... which leaves us constantly paranoid that we smell

Repeat after us: we will not raise our arms unless absolutely neccessary.

20. Skirt related trouble. First it blew up so we flashed, then it got stuck in our pants the whole day and we never even noticed

Why did we pick today of all days to rock the granny pants? *face palm*

21. When your hair gets caught in your sunglasses after you've worn them on your head

Then turns into a great big frizzy matted ball as you try (and fail) to remove them.

22. When your bikini bottoms get wet and make it look like you have a really saggy butt

Well those 10 squats were a huge waste of time we'll never get back.

23. Having to keep your hair in a top knot for the next three months cos the back of your neck sweats all over the shop, but you can never make it look good

24. When you want to go swimming but you've just washed your hair and don't wanna get chlorine in it

The struggle is all too real.

25. When your hair goes frizzy at the slightest sign of humidity

And no amount of anti-frizz can tame that wild beast *cry*

26. When your lashes are too long that they scratch the inside of your sunglasses lens and it's really itchy

Must. Not. Blink

27. Having to actually paint your toe nails cos now everyone can see them in your sandals

So much effort. Maybe we'll just paint the first two?

28. Not quite being able to keep those white jeans white

Yup we've already spilled our ice lolly and cider down us goddammit

29. Waving goodbye to your foundation as it melts and slides down your face

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.

30. Buying a tonne of bikinis online but they look nothing like the picture when you actually try them on

And don't even get me started on changing room mirrors

31. When wearing a white swimsuit is just not an option

The model made it look like such a good idea at the time but there ain't no Photoshopping a camel toe IRL.

32. Suffering an unfortunate nip slip out the side of your swimsuit

Hold on to those puppies for dear life.

33. Keeping the window open at night cos it's too hot to sleep then waking up with half the cast of Bug's Life in your room

And it's like who invited you lot in?

Share your worst #summerstruggles with us @SofeminineUK!

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