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Should You Watch The Golden Globe Nominated TV Shows?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Should You Watch The Golden Globe Nominated TV Shows?© Google

The Golden Globes have been and gone already, leaving some ecstatic winners and plenty of gracious (but probably secretly grouchy) losers. It also introduced us to some apparently critically acclaimed shows that, confession time, we hadn’t even heard of! So from the insanely popular to the quietly critical acclaimed, here are all of the shows that were nominated in various Best Television categories. Which will you be watching?

The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick’s politician hubby is jailed for political corruption (but not before the humiliating sex scandal reveal), leaving his wife alone to care for his two children. With no other option she goes back to being a lawyer. Basically this whole thing is based on Julianna Marghulies performance, and she KILLS it.


House of Cards

Kevin Spacey stars as ruthless politician who will do anything to get himself into the position of power he craves.


Jane the Virgin

Jane has always been determined to do everything right, so when she accidentally gets artificially inseminated and finds out she’s pregnant, needless to say her life changes. Weird name and premise, but it’s hilarious. Trust The Golden Globes. More importantly, trust us!



Based on the 1996 film, this black comedy was met with critical acclaim. If we say too much it’ll give it away, so let’s just say the one and only Martin Freeman stars, and hope you’ll all tune in for this one key reason!


The Missing

Tony Hughes has been wracked with guilt ever since the disappearance of his son, Oliver. He has spent years trying to find his son, and will go to any lengths to uncover the truth. Gripping, horrible stuff.


Olive Ketteridge

Olive is a cantankerous retired teacher who has to deal with problems in her family life and depression. As a four-hour miniseries, it won’t take you long to watch the whole thing, and it has been described on Rotten Tomatoes as: “a story worthy of its source material” with “fascinating performances.”


The Affair

Winning the Golden Globe for Best Drama, The Affair follows the lives of a married man and woman who meet and fall in love, but not without consequences.


Downton Abbey

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you HAVE to know about Downton Abbey. But if you’re only vaguely aware of it as ‘that posh show’, we’ll help you get in the know: Downton Abbey follows the lives of the servants and aristocracy working and living in a huge house, and includes many a dramatic storyline including murder, scandals, war and a really hot but evil gay Footman.


Game of Thrones

Sean Bean stars as honourable man and loving father Ned Stark who is summoned to serve as the King’s right hand man in this terrifying fantasy world, opening him and his family up to the lies and treachery that go with playing the game of Thrones. True there’s about 200 main characters in this epic Fantasy series, but we guarantee you will love every one of them.



Lena Dunham stars as herself Hannah, a young writer living in NYC with her best friends, Shoshana, Jessa and Marnie. None of them especially like each other, and none of them are especially good people, but it won’t stop you watching, laughing out loud and generally LOVING this show.


Orange is the New Black

Piper Chapman committed a crime ten years ago, which she is now paying for with a year’s sentence in jail. Whilst trying to serve her time, she meets allies, mortal enemies and frankly crazy people, all of whom are an essential part of this amazing ensemble cast.


The Normal Heart

Based on a HIV-AIDs crisis in the 1980s, this amazing miniseries focuses on activist Ned Weeks (Mark Ruffalo) who desperately tries to raise awareness from the mystery illness that is slowly killing his friends as the government turns a blind eye. Shocking stuff.


True Detective

Nihilistic Rust and his long suffering partner Marty spend seventeen years trying to hunt down a horrific serial killer whilst Rust’s visions constantly haunt him and Marty’s personal life falls apart. Totally amazing and terrifying in equal measure.


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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet at her @emmyfg!

Emmy Griffiths
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