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Golden Gogglebox Moments You Have To Laugh At

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Golden Gogglebox Moments You Have To Laugh At© Channel 4

If you haven’t been watching Gogglebox, you don't know what you’re missing. Although on the surface it’s a show about people watching television (seriously, who comes up with this stuff?!), it actually gives an brilliant insight into classic British attitudes, complete with sarcasm, impatience and dry wit. Here are our favourite moments from the last season. Roll on season 5!

So who are our favourite couch potatoes?

The Posh Couple

Stephanie and Dominic run an upmarket B&B and their posh opinions are the BEST.

Leon and June

The pair have been married for 53 years and are actually incredible.

Silent Jay and the Woerdenwebers

Sandy and Sandra

Their laughter is SO infectious and they find EVERYTHING funny.

Chris and Stephen

This pair bring the sass to the show, and it’s amazing.

The Moffats

Scarlett always manages to point out EXACTLY what we're thinking!

The Tapper family

The most typical argumentative family you'll ever see!

Bill and Josef

Kate and Graham

The Siddiqui family

The Malones

What are your favourite moments with the sofa families? Here are our top ten!

1. Discussing Nigella

"It sounds like she's trying to seduce you."

"Mate, after five minutes watching this I'm sat here playing with my nipples."


2. Educating Yorkshire Discussion

The unanimous weeping of all our sofa families when the student read his leaving day speech was SO sweet.


3. Grease discussion

“Summer NIIIIIIIIIGHTS!” Grease brings EVERYONE together.


4. Thoughts on One Direction

Spot the fangirl!


5. We like a bad boy

"Not a fucking terrorist though Steve."


6. The sofa family’s thoughts on virtual girlfriends

“There’s one thing I need to say to you. Get therapy.”


7. Mastermind reaction

The posh couple goes all ghetto when Stephanie gets the right answer to a question…


8. Superhuman reactions

“Right I don’t think they should be messing about with drills”

Unanimous CRINGE then respect. Round of applause.


9. The families opinions of David Cameron

Politics? Pssh. This lot are more focused on his odd face.



The title speaks for itself. Hilarious!


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