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10 Unusual Hobbies To Take Up In 2017

by Emmy Griffiths ,
10 Unusual Hobbies To Take Up In 2017

January is always THE time of year to reinvent yourself. So instead of making promises you don't keep or plans you never intend to follow through with, why not throw yourself into something completely unexpected? You might surprise yourself! Here are favourite top ten hobbies to take up in the new year...

  1. · Try out paper crafting
  2. · Get fit the Beyonce way
  3. · Want to make drinking into a hobby? Try wine tasting
  4. · Go to Hula Schoola
  5. · Learn the play the Ukulele
  6. · Get Quizzical
  7. · Try Taxidermy
  8. · Be your own Cinderella with shoe making classes
  9. · Bling yourself up at jewellery making
  10. · Dominate your Dinner party

Try out paper crafting

Do you have a million photos sat around begging to be stuck in an album? Or even worse, all of your memories are in old, forgotten Facebook albums? It’s time to try paper crafting.

From scrapbooking to making amazing cards, calendars or bookmarks (the list goes on and on), getting creative with a few pieces of paper and a PVA glue stick is therapeutic, is easy to do on a tight budget and gives you the chance to dazzle up your memories and create homemade, thoughtful gifts for your friends and family.

Visit https://docrafts.com/ for all the inspiration and advice you could NEVER need to get this started, and good luck!

Get fit the Beyonce way

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to get fit, or an expert looking for the next place to dance till you drop, Seen on Screen is the exercise equivilant to a girls night out. Whether Beyonce or Britney Spears is your diva, or you’d rather get down to a little Uptown Funk, SOS is one cool activity to stick on the ‘Interests’ section of your CV.

Classes are available in London and Manchester. Click here for more info.

Want to make drinking into a hobby? Try wine tasting

Always loved a quick glass of wine? Well believe it or not, you can make this cherished social drinking into a legitimate, bona fide hobby through wine tasting.

Yes, you can become an expert at drinking. If you have no idea where to start your exciting new boozy hobby, why not try a Wine Tasting evening at Vinopolis in London? You can learn everything you need to be able to tell the age of the wine, how to identify the flavours, and learn the three S's of wine tasting (swirl, sniff and slurp) all in the frankly amazing location under London Bridge.

Go to Hula Schoola

Loved the hula hoop when you were little? You don’t have to stop now! For an amazing, sociable and energy boosting experience, try twirling one around at The Indytute’s classes in East London. The best part? You can practise this ANYWHERE. Just maybe not on Oxford Street during rush hour.

Learn the play the Ukulele

Because Indytute has such unique classes (frankly, we’re obsessed), hula hooping isn’t the only thing they have going for them! If you’re more musically minded, why not try to learn the Ukulele? You will be just like Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt if you learn to play the Ukulele. Proof.

Get Quizzical

Want to show off your Mastermind knowledge on certain subjects? Why not go along to one of the unique quiz nights put on by Geeks Inc? From Doctor Who to Nintendo, Geeks Inc. does quizzes specifically catered to that show or movie series that you love and the best part is everyone there is JUST as insane and competitive as you are.

Try Taxidermy

Yeah, things just got really weird up in here. Not On The High Street has partnered with The Idler academy offers you the chance to spend a day learning taxidermy AKA the preservation of dead animals.

You will spend the day working on a little mouse (which did not die for the class, just FYI), until you have your very own mousey sculpture. This might not be for everyone, but for those who think this sort of thing is fascinating, you’ll learn everything in easy steps. You also get tea and coffee and a G&T at the end of the day, belting!

Be your own Cinderella with shoe making classes

Always been a little interested in fashion and textiles with no idea where to start? I CAN Make Shoes runs classes to help beginners make their very own shoedrobe. You get all the materials you need along with expert tutelage for every step of the way. You could even start up your own shoe business, who knows!

Bling yourself up at jewellery making

Always wanted to be the creative one that makes her own jewellery and only eats the food grown from her back garden? Well with this class you’ll be halfway there! The class, run by Made By Ore, will show you all the silversmith skills you need to personally bling up your look!

Dominate your Dinner party

Hate cooking? Or love cooking? Or love cooking but hate stress? Or hate cooking and hate stress? Kiss those worries goodbye, since there is a class designed JUST so you can hold a dinner party and NOT flip your lid.

Food at 52 classes show you how to make meals in advance so you can spend, as they say, “more time with your guests, and less with the oven.”

Will you be trying any of these out? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg

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