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Jamie Laing wants the Kardashians to appear on Made in Chelsea

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Jamie Laing wants the Kardashians to appear on Made in Chelsea© Getty

Jamie Laing has been chatting about how pleased he would be if the Kardashians were to appear on Made in Chelsea. The McVities heir, who is notoriously promiscuous with women, oddly would be quite keen to invite the gorgeous Kardashian sisters into the posh totty's fold. Oh Jamie, you want to get with Kendall don’t you? We all know your game!

Jamie Laing has talked about how much he would like the Kardashians to make an appearance in Made in Chelsea.

STV.TV reported that the 25-year-old cheeky chappy appeared at the launch party for the Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy last night at London’s National History museum and gushed about getting the reality star sisters to make an appearance.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: “I’m a massive fan of the Kardashians. I would love to have them make a cameo on Made in Chelsea, that would be big! Get them on!

“Maybe I should approach Khloe and tell her to come on the show and hang out. They would probably become my best friends.”

AHA! So it’s Khloe you want! After all the recent drama, you’d think he’d maybe settle for being single for a while!

However when Jamie was asked about the potential fights he and his male castmates would get into over the Kardashians, he said: “I think the boys would definitely fight over them, 100 per cent. There’d be a lot of arguments. It would be great for TV!”

With the rumours concerning the Kardashian move to London, it seems likely that this collaboration could actually happen, even though the Kardashians wouldn’t be the only American TV reality stars to appear on the show.

Former The Hills star Stephanie Pratt recently joined as Spencer Matthews’ love interest, only to be horribly cheated on and subsequently she left to go back to the States.

Speaking the latest bed-hopping antics of his former-friend Spencer, Jamie admitted: “He was always going to cheat, wasn’t he? He just likes girls, he cheats, he can’t help himself.”

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