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17 Kate Middleton Moments That Reminded Us She Is More Than Just A Duchess

by Emmy Griffiths ,
17 Kate Middleton Moments That Reminded Us She Is More Than Just A Duchess© Getty

Today we celebrate The Duchess of Cambridge's 33rd birthday, but she is SO much more than just her title. As well as being the Nation's darling and mother to the future King of England, here's why we love Kate just that little bit more...

She's the most awkward basketball fan of all time

Smile and waves boys. Smile and wave.

She's buds with Beyonce and Jay Z

It was a historical day when Queen B and future Queen of England met.

She's a catwalk model

Apparently it was this catwalk that really caught Prince William's attention. We wonder why?!

She's the coolest mother EVER

Just look at the affection there! Aww!

She wins at the Red carpet pose

There may as well not be anyone else there whilst Kate is working it.

She's clearly a Harry Potter fangirl

Rocking some serious wand action.

She is a style icon

There is even a trend named after her called the 'Kate Middleton effect'. To sum up: everything she wears gets sold out.

She is a volunteer leader for the Scouts

Princess scout's honour!

She can flip pancakes like a pro

She's a white water rafter

If you look closely 'Duchess of Cambridge' is stitched onto her life jacket. 'Mazin.

She actually made the Queen laugh once


She's a keen Philanthropist

The Duchess supports almost too many charities to mention, including East Angelia’s Children’s Hospice, Sportsaid and the Natural History Museum.

She's a (overdressed) cricketer

Who needs to wear white when you can bat in a suit like that?!

She likes a drink

As do we Kate. As do we.

And in general is a dancing-


Olympic loving-


BABE. Happy 33rd Birthday Kate!

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