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10 Ways To Keep Your Chic Together & Avoid The January Blues

by Cliche Wynter ,
10 Ways To Keep Your Chic Together & Avoid The January Blues© Pinterest

Surprise, surprise! January is set to usher in a blast of cold temps and rain etc. Yeah, goodbye cute leather jacket, hello misery. But despite the chill, there are (thankfully) plenty of ways a fashion addict can still remain stylish. Yup! Here are 10 cute winter dressing tips that will make it easier to bear those January blues.

Guys... You guys... I hate winter. I know hate is a strong word, but somehow it still doesn't quite suffice. I'm a summer baby that was born during the hottest month of the year on a tropical island. I'm literally not built for weather below 50 degrees, y'all. I can't deal.


But in 2015 I've decided to complain less and think of viable solutions to my problems instead. So while I want nothing more than my fleece robe, fleece socks, and a down comforter I'm going to rage against the sub-zero temps and keep my chic together. You should, too!

Need some help? Here are 10 ways to keep your style game on point during the most miserable month of the year. Because you know what? When you look good, you feel good, even if you can't feel your face and toes.

1. Hats Are Where It's At

Seriously, there's nothing not to love about hats. When you're having a bad hair day, they're there for you. When you're freezing your ass off, they're there to keep your head warm.

Throw on a wide brim beauty, and face the cold, cold world with confidence.

2. Now's The Time For Those Oversized Knits, Beloved

They were great in the fall, but might have caused you to overheat once or twice. No need to worry about that anymore! Oversized knits are the cosiest of the cosy, and they'll never allow you to fall victim to hypothermia.

3. WATCH: Boots CAN Become A Second Layer Of Skin

And a girl just can't have enough layers in the winter, ya know? Throw on a pair of over-the-knee boots and soak in the warmth. You deserve it.

4. Tights Are Little Treats From Heaven And Should Be Worshiped

No need to tuck away those minis, girls! A cute set of tights will keep protect those gams from the brisk breeze.

5. Moon Boots Aren't Fuzzy Slippers, But They'll Do The Trick

Who better to take style cues from than the fashion icon Rihanna? If you're braving the snow and need to don some moon boots, THIS is how you do it.

Note: Smoking hot stare sold separately.

6. Fur Bags Double As Hand Warmers

Faux fur gets the job done too, tbh.

7. Hide Your Frozen Tears With Sunnies

Yes, you can most definitely wear sunglasses in the winter. Please see Exhibit A.

8. When Mother Nature Is Trippin', A Long Coat Has Your Back

The best part is that they instantly upgrade ANY and EVERY outfit.

9. Cover ALL The Way Up In A Luxe Turtleneck

These aren't those dated turtlenecks that used to be worn with stone wash jeans and embroidered vests. Welcome to the new school of chic.

10. Wrap Yourself In A Scarf

Because warmth is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

What's your fave cold weather look? Shoot us some winter style tips of your own @sofeminineUK

This article was written by Cliché. Follow her @CalamityCliche.

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