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Katie Price labels Kelly Brook a "heffer" after post-split "weight gain"

by Alison Potter Published on 8 February 2013
Katie Price labels Kelly Brook a "heffer" after post-split "weight gain"

Katie Price labels Kelly Brook a "heffer" after post-split "weight gain"

Katie Price certainly isn’t looking to make friends with Kelly Brook anytime soon.

The outspoken glamour model has taken to her Sun newspaper column to launch an unprovoked attack on Kelly, calling the naturally curvy model a “heffer”.

The mother-of-three astonishingly accuses the recently single star of “comfort eating” following her break up with rugby star Thom Evans.

Speaking about the model and TV personality - who’s currently in Florida for a bikini shoot - the 34-year-old declared: “The pictures of Kelly modelling her latest New Look swimwear range in Miami don't seem to be airbrushed and I'm FLABbergasted to see how big Kelly really is.”

But Katie does grudgingly concede that Kelly - who is a year younger than her - is “still hot” despite her perceived size.

Katie Price labels Kelly Brook a "heffer" after post-split "weight gain"

Her rant soon changed tack though, as the former I’m A Celeb star admitted that Kelly’s above average curvy frame means that she’s a “brilliant role model for young girls” used to seeing size 0 celebs.

Despite her attack on Kelly, Katie has previously admitted that she would choose the Rochester-born star to play her in a movie of her life.

She said: “Because of the boobs, I would say Kelly Brook. I actually saw her in Piranha 3D and I thought she was alright.

“People gave her a stigma, but I thought she was good."

As well as being famous for their ample chests, both women are successful models and businesswomen with sell-out clothing and swimwear ranges.

Bizarrely they have both dated rugby player Danny Cipriani, who Kelly was most recently linked to following her split with Thom.

Kelly even took to Twitter to clear up rumours that her closeness to Danny led to her latest break-up.

She explained: “Thom and I mutually agreed to go our separate ways some time ago. It had absolutely nothing to do with a third party.”

A spokesperson for Kelly has declined to comment on Katie's column. Fingers crossed they won’t run into each other any time soon!

Alison Potter
Alison Potter
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