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The Best Internet Reactions To Who Killed Lucy Beale On Eastenders

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 20 February 2015
The Best Internet Reactions To Who Killed Lucy Beale On Eastenders© BBC Pictures

For the best part of the last year one question has been driving soap fans crazy, placed thousands of bets and even involved private investigators: who killed Lucy Beale? Our long wait for the truth FINALLY came out last night in two sensational live episodes, and we were not expecting the culprit to be little Bobby Beale. Thank God that the Twittersphere's reaction was as brilliant as we'd hoped it'd be...

Plenty of people loved that the murderer was a CHILD

A BRILLIANT thug life Bobby Beale account was quickly created

Some were impressed by the pressure it must have put on the child actor

People started to worry about their own younger siblings

Some made references to that highly similar occasion on The Simpsons when Maggie shot Mr Burns

Plenty were frustrated by the twist

Then there was the real life Bobbie Beale from the USA who couldn't understand why people were tweeting her about murdering Lucy...

Then there were those that cared more about the rest of the episode

How did you react to the news? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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