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20 Celebrities Who Have Experienced The Longbottom Effect

by Emmy Griffiths ,
20 Celebrities Who Have Experienced The Longbottom Effect© via Attitude Magazine

These celebs have given us hope for the future! Check out the utter transformations of these now stunning celebs and let's thank our lucky stars for puberty!

Matthew Lewis

Okay, has anyone seen Neville's Matthew Lewis's snaps for Attitude mag? There's a reason that amazing celebrity transformation have been labelled as 'Longbottom'd'. DAMN BOY. We kind of love that he's still in his cardigan as well. Neville always loved a good cardi.

Aaaand just a quick reminder to the good old days...

Emma Watson

We watched Emma Watson grow from awkward to ah-maz-ing!

Nicholas Hoult

Yep, the weird kid from About a Boy is now a total BABE.

January Jones

Is-is that a mullet? January? Why?

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly still has a quirky style, but maybe not quite THIS quirky.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Someone must have told her to lose the ringlets. Excellent shout.

Russell Brand

We love that this guy is now a sex on a stick.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez hasn't always been such a cutie...

Lea Michele

From sort of cute to smoking hawt!

Abigail Breslin

We actually didn't realise this girl had grown anymore since watching Little Miss Sunshine. Jaw drop.

Shia LeBeouf

Come on, we all loved Louis from Even Stevens, but would we have gone there?! Shia all grown up and topless is another matter entirely.

Kate Middleton

Do you think Kate Middleton was visited by a Fairy Godmother? It's the only possible explanation!

Jimmy Karz

Also known as Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda. Look at him now! HUBBA HUBBA.

Avril Lavigne

Before she went all emo girl, Avril rocked the librarian look.


That is one image revamp!

George Clooney

The sexiest man in the world once had a bowl cut and sported brown tinted glasses...

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is a super hotty with the sense of humour to share her old snaps on Twitter!

David Beckham

If you had told us there was a point where we wouldn't have fancied Becks, we just wouldn't have believed you.


Ohhh wow.

Who do you think has changed the most? Tweet us @SofeminineUK

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